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Welcome to the Update Section.  This will hold a record of any and all updates done to the site

May 2010

–Old School Section added,  Reviews for systems not in the current generation will be placed here, I.E Playstation 2 games

–Playstation 1 Classics have been moved from the Review section, to the Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and Old School sections, as they apply to all three

April 2010

–Tags have been fully implemented to all past posts, they appear at the top of the page. Tags & Categories give information like the system the particular game is for, who’s posting, and other things.

–Julian entered the Free Realms & Fat Princess Betas, The former has a nasty non-disclosure agreement he has to figure out how to use in order to do an impressions post on the game

–Deleted any nonsense posts or posts i felt were below our current quality in order for any searches to bring the most relevant and useful information from us.

–Impressions posts have been updated to remove their system name in the title

–The Review & Impressions sections are up to date

–Most if not all reviews have been updated with the new review system.

–Old reviews with system names with the titles have been changed to just show the name of the review.

–Textual Times- A book reviewing site has been added to the new Blogs of Note sidebar widget

–Innersoul & Innersoul @ Etsy-Sites where pictures and pictures on objects may be purchased-added to the new Picture Sites sidebar widget

–Blogs of Note & Picture Sites link catagories have been added

–New Banner added for the site, replacing the old subtitle.

–Joining Temmehkan page has been added under community, visit here for information on how to join us

–Various updates to more posts –Various Category and Tag fixes–

–New extra score added to the review scale, the opposite of our Editor’s Choice mark (EC) is the new Epic Fail mark (EF), to make the gmaes we especially dislike

March 2009

–Banners added for all pages

–New thumbnails are added for the new review system to replace the old ones

–EC aka Editor’s Choice thumbnail has been added to the review scale, this will help our editors with showing which games we especially recommend

–Coming Soon & Updates sections have been added

–Subscribe link/feed has been updated as well as a subscribe via email link addition

–Authors & Graphic artists lists are up in basic form with more updates to those in the coming days

Thumbnails will now be used over font for the letter grades of reviews/review section has been updated to reflect this

Older Updates

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