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God of War III Review

June 1, 2010

The god of war series has been one of, if not the defecto leader in action games since the first one was unleashed on to Playstation 2s back in 2005.  Five years and in total four games later God of War III has hit the Playstation 3.  Three years since the last console iteration, does God of War III live up to the hype?  In the words of Kratos, the main character “Raaaaagggghhhhh”.  Which translates to yes, by the gods yes it does.

I’m not gonna try to argue against this, God of War is one of my favorite series, ever, and some might take that as “This review will be exaggerated”, I assure you what I say is pretty much fact. (You’re still welcome to agree or disagree in the comments section).  So if you’re new to the God of War series, it is a series based in Greek mythology and is supposed to explain why Greek mythology is no longer around.  The series is known for its extreme violence, story, gameplay and graphics/sound.

With that explanation, God of War III takes place right where God of War II left off.

*Spoiler Note* I will white out names of certain weapons and or enemies to reduce spoilers, if you wish to see them, highlight over the space*

Where exactly is that? Well riding on Gaia (The titan of earth, aka Mother Earth) and the rest of the titans climbing up mount Olympus for the newly revived war between the Titans and the Gods. Kratos, the brutally violent spartan warrior with sadistic tendencies starts the game on gaia fighting off enemies in the form of a simple tutorial to get players accustomed with the controls and fighting.  Shortly after this short tutorial the first boss fight appears against Poseidon and his Leviathans, and spoiler alert, IT’S EFFIN AWESOME.

The game story goes through Kratos’ journey to get to Zeus, killing most of the people and or gods who get in his way.  It does a good job by the end to explain the motivations of characters like Zeus through the series and of why he did what he did.  It also does a good job at characterizing the gods, mostly due to the fact that you fight them, while in previous games you didn’t.  Overall the story is pretty well told and will entertain players and give some nice memorable quotes.

The previously mentioned boss fight does a great job of setting up the boss fights to come, and also gives players front side seats to a very brutal, very eye popping kill.  This helps show off the amazing graphics engine, that shows great detail in the gore as well as creating great backdrops, especially when on Gaia as she is actually an in game model, not just a level you play on.  The enviroments, enemies, Kratos and his weapons all look gorgeous in HD and the Titan fights will leave you breathless.

From here the game goes into standard God of War gameplay mode, which is far from a bad thing. What I particularly liked about God of War III is the new weapons and abilities the game gives players.  For once the other weapons are useful, if not needed for certain encounters, and the new abilities from items are equally useful, and most of all, fun.

With the new set of weapons, most of which are very similar to the Blades of Exile (The new version of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos), the game feels a lot fresher and more fun.  While the weapons fall into similar types, they all behave very differently from eachother, for example the before mentioned Blades of Exile are more the default weapon, good at just about everything, while the Claws of Hades are slower but do better area damage against smaller enemies.

Where's Kratos?

The different weapons and the tried and true gameplay style of the previous games help to ensure God of War III’s combat is as brutal, fun, and satisfying as ever.  The combat arena challenges from previous games return giving players who’ve beaten the game, a way to fight enemies under unique conditions, or just a way to practice against certain enemies.

Magic has changed since the earlier games, instead of obtaining different powers to use with the D-Pad at anytime, magic is instead linked to weapons, each weapon containing a different magic power.  This forces players to sometimes switch weapons just to use a certain magic power, which isn’t really a bad thing, it allows players to make gameplay much more interesting.  Kratos has some other moves besides magic, he can also grab targets from a distance and pull himself towards them and grab enemies to use a batering rams, expanding the standard O grab repertoire.

The combat is complimented by a well told, if not terribly original story.  Kratos, the Gods, the Titans etc all have great voice actors that bring across the personality of the characters very well.  This brings me to another point, the sound in God of War III is spectacular, from the voice acting, to the music and sound effects, it’s all AAA grade.

While I’d like to go more into the story, I prefer staying away from spoiling too much, but God of War III is a must own for any Playstation 3 owner (Ages 17 and up of course).  It’s just an overall great package and a blast to play.  It has its faults, a little on the short side, it falls into the God of War formula for better or for worse sometimes, but these faults are nothing compared to the things the game does right.


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