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Fat Princess Review

October 5, 2009
They are being squished! Someone call 911!

They are being squished! Someone call 911!

Fat Princess is the first game developed by Epic Games China owned Titan Studios.  With its quirky premise and colorful/cutesy presentation does Fat Princess have what it takes to become a PSN downloadable classic? or will it fall into the pits to be forgotten?

Luckily Fat Princess  rises to become a classic.  So what exactly sets Fat Princess apart from other games?  Well it is really the premise and execution of the title.  Fat Princess at its core is a multiplayer third person action game, built around the game mode Capture the Flag (CTF).

Now Fat Princess does have a few single player modes listed under, now try not to giggle too much, Play with yourself (The humor doesn’t end there).  Here there are the story and arena modes.  The story mode is short 8 chapter story that gives the game a reason for the fighting.  The story is quirky and funny and is a nice sidetrack from the online experience that offers up more than just training.

Arena mode is well, an arena!  In this mode the player choses a class and must fend off wave after wave of enemies.  The arena serves as a good way to learn the ins and out of each of the classes to better understand how to use them against other players, the bulk of the cake, so to speak, is in the multiplayer experience.

Within the multiplayer experience there are a handful of game modes & maps to battle with/in.  Each map is different with its own advantages and disadvantages making sure that even if you play the same mode on all the maps, how the match will play out will be very different.  The modes are the standard CTF, capture/hold the nodes and deathmatch.  What sets these standard modes apart from other games are the fat princesses.  The “flags” are princesses that belong to the opposing team, and in order to make it difficult to return the princess, the player can feed them cake to make them fatter and fatter making them harder to carry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So at this point you are probably wondering, “Julian, just how exactly do you defend/steal the princess!!”, and to that I say, Hats!!! I’ll let you soak that in for a minute……………………….. and we’re back.  The way the game handles classes is through hats.  Within the main bases are five hat machines for each of the classes currently within the game.  Picking up/wearing a hat will make you a warrior, worker, mage, priest or archer (Depending on the hat).  The most important class is the worker.  The worker is the corner stone that holds the team together.  The worker is in charge of gathering and using  resources to upgrade hat machines (Giving the classes new abilities) and building defenses, siege devices and a catapult.

Sadly the main drawback to the game is something that is in the player’s hand, the ability to work well with others.  Fat Princess asks, nay Demands! teamwork to make a battle work well.  Without some form of coordination the game quickly falls into a very, very, very long stalemate that drags the matches on.  The classes and game modes work extremely well and are a hell of a lot of fun so even if the game does drag on, you will rarely be bored or frustrated.

On the presentation side of things Fat Princess is a colorful cartoony looking game that looks great in HD.  The characters look funny and the surprising amount of gore/blood in the game just gives players a sense that the developers wanted this game to look and feel amusing.  This is evident in the quirky story I talked about earlier which is brilliantly voice acted that suits the game.

So at the end of the day Fat Princess is a fun multiplayer game that sets itself apart with a great premise and execution.  Titan Studios premiere start is a hit and anyone who likes to play online should buy the game.



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