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Shatter Review

September 2, 2009


The world of downloadable games is filled with remakes, re-releases and re-imagining of classic arcade games.  Shatter continues this tradition in the re-imagining of the classic Arkanoid gameplay. So is Shatter worth the $8 purchase?

Yes it is worth it.  Shatter has a pseudo story that is introduced at the beginning of the game but is inconsequential to the game or the gameplay.  It has something to do with a bad brick barrier thing (The thing you control) and your brick barrier thing goes off and stops the destruction it is causing.

So for those who do not know what Arkanoid is, you definitely played a knockoff, the basic idea is your a platform on one side of the screen which you use to bounce a ball or balls into bricks covering the screen until they are all destroyed.  At its core that is what Shatter is, however it does a few interesting things that sets it apart from the pack.

For example your platform brick barrier thingy is not limited to just the bottom of the screen, depending on the level it can be on the side, bottom, on a semi circle etc.  Secondly by default your platform has two abilities, and now children try to be adults here, it has the power to “suck” and to “blow”.  You can use these powers to affect the balls and bricks on the field.  Sucking can bring power ups, balls, bricks, and these glowing power items that are used to power a super attack.

However sucking while loose bricks are floating about can cause the platform to be hit and sometimes loose a life if you are not careful.  Blowing, as you can imagine, is the opposite of sucking, pushing any and all items on screen away from the platform.  There is also a shield ability that consumes power needed for the super attack for last ditch efforts to not loose a ball that is right behind bricks headed your way.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a visual standpoint Shatter is damn pretty and it’s techno esque soundtrack suits the game and gameplay perfectly.  Shattering the bricks and the multiple bosses in the game will be a joy and it never really gets boring or tiring.  The game offers up three modes, the standard mode where you play through the “story of the game” a bonus mode where you play the bonus levels from the “story” to achieve a higher score and a boss mode to, well fight the bosses from the game!  The bosses are pretty varied and offer unique challenges that make them standout from one another.

Shatter is one of those games that is easy to pick up and play.  It is one of those games where friends can come over and see you can last the longest, get the highest score etc.  The only real drawback from the game is that it is over petty quickly, but the great visuals, soundtrack and gameplay will bring you back for more.



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