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Patapon 2 Review

June 24, 2009
To Arms!

To Arms!

You hear that?  Those drums….they sound familiar, and that chant! I know I’ve heard that before…..could it be!?!  It is! Patapon 2, the sequel to the quirky psp original has hit store shelves, so to speak, does this download only squeal meat the expecttations of the original?

After the ending of the last game, the Patapons & their former enemies, the zigatons complete a boat to cross the ocean to earthend.  While attempting to cross the ocean they are attacked by a kraken and wash up on a shore.  Here they rebuild their base (which looks almost exactly like their last one) and find a new enemy in the karmen tribe, and a new ally in the form of the patapon hero.

The Hero character (named by you in classic RPG style) is a patapon who wears a mask and has lost his memories.  He can wear a variety of masks that have different effects on him, and more importantly, can become a variety of patapons.  The patapon creating process has changed since the first game, instead of just mixing and matching items in trying to create new patapons, the player has control of an evolution tree.

This evolution tree introduces a RPG aspect to the game.  Using the tree players can level up certain races of each type of patapon, unlocking others or more evolved patapons on the way.  Each specific patapon has its own tree which allows the player to make a more personalized army, and even better is the fact that the race of each patapon type can be changed at will before a mission, allowing greater strategization for certain missions. As the patapons level up their form changes, getting bigger and gaining special abilities at certain levels.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hmmm I’ve just realized Iv’e yet described how the game is played, to quote myself from the review of the first game

You are the god of the Patapons who has come back after a long absence and its time to help the patapons.  How do you help them? simply,  with the sounds of music!  As the game progresses (pretty fast actually) you’ll gain a grand total of four drums, each drum corresponding with one of the four face buttons.

Each drum has a unique sound and as you progress you will learn a handful of songs to play.  These songs, or more like beats or chants represent different actions, while it be marching, attack, defending, or bringing down the forces of nature.  The nature chants require that you be in fever mode.  Fever mode is activated when about eight perfect chants are made.  Once fever mode is activated the patapon’s attack and defenses increase.

Another new feature to go along with the evolution tree is multiplayer!  Multiplayer can be played, oddly enough, by your self or up to 3 other friends.  Each friend or A.I controls a hero with unique colors/types with each player given the ability customize their own hero.  These multiplayer games deal with eggs with one hero carrying the egg up until the end of a level, with a short mini game to decide on rewards.  The multiplayer is fun, and while the egg carrying seems odd, once the game is completed it makes more sense.

The same mini games from the original appear with a few small changes.  Like the evolution tree, the mini games take on an RPG aspect which new levels appearing as you get better at them.  With the increase of levels (and increase of cash), comes more and better materials to use in the evolution of your patapon armies.  While not a huge change, it’s a rewarding experience as you continue to master them

The stylized art style returns and is as vibrant as ever, the surreal color pallet and unique look of the patapons make this game stick in your memory.  The audio is top notch as always with the patapon sounds catchy with sound effects and music complementing the game nicely.

With double the missions, improved mini games, & multiplayer Patapon 2 is a step up from the original.  While the changes are small they add more to the patapon experience which was already amazing.  Once again Patapon 2 starts out with the budget $20 price tag and that makes this a must have.

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