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Mastering the FPS

May 21, 2009

FPSAfter finishing the Tips for Mastering a MMO post, I’ve decided to make this into a series!  Renamed Mastering the *Insert Genre*, this series will cover general tips of the various genres in video games.  With MMOs done with, the FPS is up next.

In modern gaming FPSs, First Person Shooters, are arguable one of the most popular genres around.  There are more than a few simple tips to make sure that your still alive after a firefight.


Foresight plays a BIG part in FPSs, especially during online matches.  A common mistake in the genre is to shoot where a target is, not where it is going.  This comes into play much more during online play and I’ll try to explain as best I can.  If you see a target and it is moving, your natural instinct will be to shoot where it is, and you will probably hit it, but not kill it.

Due to its movement you’ll get a few lucky shots in but you will largely miss, as you are trying to keep up with him/her, which almost never works in your favor.  The simple solution is to shoot where the target is going to be, by moving the cross hairs a it in front of the target, you likely hood of shots hitting increase rapidly.

Less is More

Holding down the fire button hoping that your enemy will drop dead will result in you dying fast.  Most if not all modern FPSs will use the standard PC cross hairs, 4 lines that move in or out depending on your stance, movement, and rate of fire.  While ina  clear area hold down the fire button, notice that the cross hairs move out rapidly.

This rapid expansion results in a large area affect by your shots, but also means less accuracy.  The key to maximizing ammo and maximizing accuracy is shooting in small, controlled bursts.  Now each weapon is different and what is considered a controlled bursts can vary, however mastering this simple skill will make things most easier.

Know your Weapon

Between Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles what have you, there is no end to the standard weapon type.  Combine this with a variety of each type, there will be amny different weapon styles to learn and master.  For example, Machine Guns will have the most damage per bullet of any weapon (outside of a shotgun) and also have the largest clip, however they are the less accurate and the hardest to make controlled bursts.

Shotguns are very powerful weapons and up close are almost guaranteed one shot kills, but are almost useless at any kind of decent distance.  Try out a few weapons and see how they perform, knowing how the different weapons work will allow you to more accurately choose the best weapon for any given situation.

Cover/Knowing your environment

Not all games have a cover system, but in games like Killzone 2, they are an important and essential part of the game.  Even in games without a dedicated cover system, knowing when & where to hide behind a wall can mean the difference between life and death.  First of fknow where your enemy is, knowing where they are will let you know where you don’t want to be.

From here it is a simple matter of picking the most ideal spot to pick off the enemy.

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