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Spyro The Dragon 2: Ripto’s Rage Review

May 20, 2009
You've made him angry, very very angry

You've made him angry, very very angry

The sequel to the hit smash, Spyro The Dragon, Spyro The Dragon: Ripto’s Rage was released a year later in 1999.  Developed by Insomniac games, Ripto’s Rage marked the point at which comedy became a big part of their games.  Recently released as a Playstation 1 Classic, how does this game hold up against the test of time?

The game starts sometime after the end of the original Spyro The Dragon with Spyro and his trusty dragonfly Sparx dreading the dreary weather they are having.  Spyro has the idea to go to the beach and he and sparx travel through a portal to get there.

While this is occuring, three characters are performing an experiment to bring a dragon to the  world of Avalar.  And woudln’t you know Spyro is the one who is summoned.  Before he can even figure out what’s going on, Spyro is enlisted in the fight against Ripto, a tyrant trying to take control of Avalar for himself.  Unlike its predacessor, Spyro 2 has a well rounded cast of characters, rather than only Spyro and his nemesis characterized.

Characters like Zoe, Hunter, The Professor, Elora & Moneybagsappear in this game to help Spyro along.  Outside of these main characters are also species specific characters that have to do with gameplay.

The main goal in Spyro 2 is to collect Talismans in order to confront Ripto and his henchmen.  There is one Talisman per level and these Talismans are given to Spyro by characters who enlist his aid at the start.  The standard set up of the levels will be Spyro entering a level and encountering one of the friendly species with a flag next to them.  This will start a small cutscence enlisting Spyro’s help in ridding them of their attacking enemies.  These characters more often than not will have hilarious names that may or may not be pop culture references.

Throughout the levels there will be the now classic gems to collect, as well as Orbs.  While at first orbs seem to be a side collection, similar to dragon eggs in the original game, they become an important, necessity to beat the game.  So you are warned now, collect the orbs!!  The game is split into a few “home” worlds that take after the various seasons.  Hidden inside these home worlds are special speedway levels.  These levels have spyro flying destroying several sets of items, whether it is flying through circles or destroying creatures.  These levels are limited in time and serve as bonus stages.

Throughout the game Moneybags will come around to take your gems, no he won’t steal them from you, he’s a business man and will do business.  These transactions take the form of one of two things.  Either he wants money to give you access to new parts of levels, or he will teach you a new ability for Spyro.  Spyro can learn t climb, swim and other abilities that help change how certain levels are played.  Aside from these new abilities there are also various power ups that will, well power up spyro.  These take the forms of allowing him to temporarily fly, shoot fireballs or become invulnerable to fire.  The power ups are activated after a certain amount of enemies within a level are defeated.

Graphically Spyro 2 holds out decently well, back in the day it was a great looking title, and the polygons still hold up for the most part.  While its colorful scenary can’t compare to modern day games, its still refreshing to look at how far gaming as come in the span of just ten years.  The audio holds up better with cheerful music that gets stuck in your head with great voice acting  to back everything else up.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage is an obvious improvement over the original.  With the addition of abilities, power ups & more characters Spyro is more alive than ever.  However the game is farely short, lasting about six hours or so, but with the low prive tag of $5.99, it really isn’t a problem.  Buy it, relive the late 1990s and maybe show the younger kids how gaming was back in the day.



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