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God of War: Chains of Olympus Review

May 13, 2009

Well, I did it. I finally bought a PSP a few weeks ago. One of the first games I got for it…God of War: Chains of Olympus. After playing through it already, I can easily say this is one game every PSP owner needs to own.


I don’t want to go into the story too much as it’s so good and immersive of a story. It does however follow the typical God of War stories in that Kratos is indebted to the gods and must carry out their duty. There are some very great story moments, especially at the very end of the game that will really make you relate to Kratos. All I’ll say is that you’ll know it when you get to the part and there’s a button prompt sequence. Great use of interactive storytelling.


God of War really took button mashers and perfected the combo system. This PSP title is no different. The same combos you know and love are here and just as fun/intuitive to perform.

This title also introduces a new weapon that looks like it inspired the upcoming God of War III. It is a gauntlet-type weapon. It is a nice contrast to your chains in that the gauntlet is much stronger but has a much smaller range.

Also, the same weapon/magic upgrade system is still in place, allowing you to collect red orbs and use them to upgrade your weapons and magic powers. There are also numerous Gorgon Eyes and Feathers to collect to increase your max health/magic meters.

And it just wouldn’t be a God of War title without massive boss battles. The boss battles are just as fun as ever in that you must wear down the boss and then perform button sequences to finish them in cinematic fashion. Unfortunately, this God of War is a tad bit light on boss battles compared to previous ones. I would have liked to have seen a couple of more monstrous battles.


The graphics are rock solid in Chains of Olympus with no slowdown or hiccups.  The only issue I encountered a few times was that I love to explore in games. If you get too far towards the perimeter of an area you really shouldn’t be going to, the camera loses it’s place and pans to nothing. It’s not a big deal as there’s no combat in these areas but it’s a minor annoyance worth pointing out.

The audio is also rock solid with perfect voice work. The music is good overall as well as the sound effects. The narration is also perfect just like in previous titles.


Chains of Olympus is a game every PSP owner needs to play. It doesn’t mix up the formula much other than by adding in a new weapon, but everything you loved from the previous God of War titles is here and translates perfectly to the PSP. I played the game on Hard the first time through and instead of the 7-8 hr length on Normal difficulty that I had heard from some people, it turned out to be closer to a 10-hour game. Again, this is one marvelous title which is now priced at a mere $20. I wholly recommend this title and guarantee you’ll love it as I did.



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