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Patapon Review

May 4, 2009
Fear the Patapons & their giant eyes!!!

Fear the Patapons & their giant eyes!!!

Patapon is/was one of the most unique games to come out for the PsP during 2008.  It’s strange, weird & completely awesome, so what makes this game so special?

Patapon chronicles the rise of the Patapons, a tribe of eyeball esque creatures on their journey to find IT at Earthend.  They can’t make it there alone, that is where you come in, you are the great powerful & benevelot Kami!  You are the god of the Patapons who has come back after a long absence and its time to help the patapons.  How do you help them? simply,  with the sounds of music!  As the game progresses (pretty fast actually) you’ll gain a grand total of four drums, each drum corresponding with one of the four face buttons.

Each drum has a unique sound and as you progress you will learn a handful of songs to play.  These songs, or more like beats or chants represent different actions, while it be marching, attack, defending, or bringing down the forces of nature.  The nature chants require that you be in fever mode.  Fever mode is activated when about eight perfect chants are made.  Once fever mode is activated the patapon’s attack and defenses increase.

The game will spam over 30 missions with missions divided into hunting, boss & invading levels.  Boss levels will appear and have the patapons fight against large enemies that resemble dragons, giant worms and what not.  These bosses comprise the entire level and can be pretty tough depending on your army. Invading levels, well that is what I call them have the patapons facing off against Zigotons, the patapon’s enemy. These missions will be your main source of new weapons & equipment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hunting levels are used to collect items & ka ching (money obviously) in order to produce better patapon.  Depending on the items used in production, patapons will be created in a number of different ways, each unique patapon has its own strengths or weaknesses.  Since I’ve neglected to mention the equipment system.

I should explain it now.  Normal patapons are able to equip helms & weapons, and in the case of specific patapons, shields.  If a patapon is created with special items, then they loose their ability to use helms because of their new ability.

Patapon has a simple art style that suits the game perfectly and and brings the world of the Patapons to life.  The music in the game is almost impossibly catching and before you know it you’ll have the tunes and the singing pata Pata Pata pon! in your head.

Patapon is an almost devilishly addicting game for the PsP.  Its short levels are a blast to play, however be warned, the levels will take all your attention (You can’t pause!!).  The game runs a little on the difficult side, but its problems are few and far between especially considering just how fun the game is.



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Editor's Choice

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  1. May 6, 2009 4:03 am

    Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good posts

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