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Fat Princess Beta Impressions

April 24, 2009
They are being squished! Someone call 911!

They are being squished! Someone call 911!

Fat Princess, developed by Titan Studios is an upcoming action game for the Playstation 3. The game blends multiplayer capture the flag gameplay with a colorful stylized look that creates a really unique experience.

*Reflects Beta Phase 3*

Fat Princess has players take control of a character who can be customized.  There are two game modes available in Fat Princess during the beta, being DeathMatch and Rescue the Princess.  Deathmatch is pretty standard so I’ll just concentratete on Rescue the Princess.  Rescue te Princess is similar to a Capture the Flag game(CTF) in other games.  Players will be divided into two teams, red  & blue and each team’s goal is to rescue their respective princess.  Once the game begins each team spawns in their own castle and have five classes available to them to choose from.  To choose a class a player simple has to pick up a hat belonging to the class, which are generated by hat machines.

Hats can also be picked up off of fallen enemies.  The five classes include an Archer, Warrior, Mage, Priest, and Worker.  Each class as its own job, each job basically in the name, however the Worker class is one of the most important ones, especially in the early game.  The reason?  The workers build everything!  While the hat machines are present automatically, by collecting lumber & ore workers can upgrade the hat machines to unlock a more powerful version of each class.

For example while we are on the worker, it starts off with an axe and once it is upgraded, gains access to bombs.  Each second tier weapon is different from the tier one weapons and add a new level of depth to each class.  The worker can also repair the castle walls, as well as build siege weapons.  Siege weapons can take the form of catapults & ladders as well as a spring inside their own castle.  These siege devices allow for quicker access to the enemy base, without having to destroy their castle walls.



The controls for the game couldn’t be simpler, X to Jump, Square to attack, circle to grab, Triangle to switch weapons & L1 to lock on.  That’s pretty much it, there are other controls but these are really the only ones people need to worry about.

I’ve just realized I’ve neglected to tell how a game of Rescue the Princess is won, while its obvious, HOW you do it isn’t.  In order to stop enemy players from easily carrying their princess back to their castle, you can feed the princess cake to make her, well a Fat Princess!! (get it now?)  While the princess is fat it is harder to rescue her because she will slow you down drastically, in order to combat this you’ll need more and more players to help, however this means there are less and less players to protect you.  While you may think you can make her fat as fast as possible and forget about her, she has a unbelievably fast metabolism and the effects of the cake will wear off gradually and she’ll need to be fed constantly.

The gameplay is great and to compliment it are the great stylized cell shaded visuals.  More entertaining than the visuals is th surprising amount of blood in the game, it brings a more comical mix to the game, however the blood can be turned off so kids are allowed to play.  The audio works well and fits the style, with the, well the equivalent to an announcer speaking ina  ye olde english voice.

My impressions from the beta are that, Fat Princess is awesome, however the beta is plagued by lag & audio issues that hopefully are ironed out before the release in June.  I love the gameplay, the art style, and the comic elements of the game that take form in the unique names of gameplay modes.  Instead of Single Player, Multiplayer, Leaderboards etc, Fat Princess has Playing with yourself, playing with others, & bragging rights.  The only thing stopping me from giving this a review now is that the entire game isn’t in the beta.  With what I see from this small peice, Fat Princess is looking to be a premiere downloadable game.

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