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High Velocity Bowling Review

April 9, 2009


High Velocity Bowling is one of the most popular PSN games, reaching the top 5 PSN downloads of last year.  It was recently given away for free on an Episode of Qore and I finally got to play the game, question is, does it deserve to be so popular?

The short answer is maybe.  High Velocity is a simple game, you bowl, and bowl some more.

The core gameplay is simple enough, you use the motion sensing ability of the Playstation 3 controller to simulate bowling.  it is rather simple, the most complicated part is picking where your ball with go after you’ve thrown it.  The base controls are picking where the ball will go, adding spin and throwing it.  Spin is added via the L2 and R2 buttons and can be a bit difficult to master, while throwing the bowl is just like doing so in real life, just with a controller in your hand.

The game boosts a few, but not many game modes in the form quick games, challenges and online games.  The challenges will have players mastering trick-shots or winning against characters in one on one games or tournaments.  These challenges will unlock new characters, outfits & balls to use in the other aspects of the game.  Online play works well, with no slowdown and even now it is pretty easy to find a game.

Ohhhh Yeeeaaaa

Ohhhh Yeeeaaaa

My main problem with the game that it can get boring pretty quick.  The semi authentic bowling music just adds drag to the game, making it seem more boring than it actual is.  Sitting down and waiting for your opponent to bowl 2-3 times before you becomes a real drag, especially when facing off against the computer.  The game is fun enough with other real life people around you, but by yourself or online, it becomes a meh.

The presentation is decent, the characters aren’t anything to write home about but the bowling alleys look good.  The music is a total dragg and so are the voice acting for the variety of characters.

High Velocity Bowling is a game for parties, with music blasting over the game and people jumping in an out to play. There’s some content here for solo play, but the main objective for that is more of more variety for when friends are over than a real wanting to play the game.  The controls are solid and with the right people its fun, but overall the game is a meh, I’m glad I didn’t actually buy it or else I would have been very disappointed with my purchase.



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