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Comet Crash Review

April 5, 2009
Time to Crash!

Time to Crash!

Comet Crash is the latest game to hit the PSN in the now popular Tower Defense Genre.  With Pixeljunk Monsters leading the charge, and becoming the standard, and games like Savage Moon continuing the trend, how does this new comer stand?  I’ve got to see, pretty damn well.

Like Savage Moon before it, Comet Crash takes place on moons, or in this case comets!  These comets have resources that humans need for your fighting to attain the areas.  Rather than fighting alien bugs, or cute monsters, comet crash puts you against an enemy similar to you, except they don’t have some limitations that you have.

The story and reason is only vaguely explained during the tutorial, which is a good way to learn the basics of the game.

The unique thing about Comet Crash that sets it apart from Monsters & Savage Moon is that, you have an army.  Most tower defense games have you defending your base against waves of enemies.  While this aspect stays true, it goes deeper by giving you access to your own army, which you have to send to the enemy base.

It is a unique aspect of gameplay for this genre and it reminds me of a RTS without the micromanaging controls.  In order to win you must deplete the enemy bases health to zero by having your units ram into it.  While sending a massive way sounds like the best idea, and in fact most times it is, your opponents defense becomes an important point to break before any serious attack.

One thing I like about the game is that, a main gameplay point is to create mazes.  Spamming a low level tower in order to create a maze becomes very important to bide time against enemy waves, however the downside is that your forces will be hindered by this as well.  That said there are a variety of towers to range from a standard shooting one, to a bomber, laser & pulsar(eletricity) towers.  Each have their own strength & weaknesses and balancing the strength & weaknesses is essential.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are also towers to create units (That’s right you have to build a tower to make units, its not automatic).  There are two versions of this, a Basic Ops, and Special Ops towers.  The basic ops, obviously produces basic units while special ops creates more advances ones like the Thief, a unit that can cause enemy units to join your side.  This isn’t the extent of units/buildings you can make, nor do you have them all from the beginning.   Every few levels or so will give you access to new units, usually after you encounter them for the first time in a level.

Eventually every type of tower becomes important, whether it is used to break the enemy defense, or protect your own base.  Certain levels become a giant battle for space, pushing or being pushed by the enemy to gain ground for towers.

More than that there is a good deal of variety in the levels.  Every so often will be a puzzle esque level, where using certain towers to bide time for one of your units to reach the base in the main point.  These levels are a nice change of pace from the standard levels.

The game sports both offline co op and competitive play.  The competitive aspect, known as Battle, allows 1-4 players to pick a number of maps and place their home base anywhere on the map they choose.  From here the gameplay reverts to the standard play from the campaign, which sports twenty eight total levels across 4 comets. The co op lets 1-3 players play locally together in order to complete the campaign.

Pretty ain't it?

Pretty ain't it?

The game holds 1080p graphics and like Monsters before it, has a stylized feel to it which works for the game.  The sound effects are well done and the ability to use XMB music is a nice touch to allow players to listen to their own music.

Comet Crash takes the normal tower defense gameplay and adds a touch of freshness to it.  With the introduction of your own waves it gives a new feel to the genre,  While it is not the best tower defense game on the Playstation 3, it is still a great game deserves a purchase.



Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice

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  1. john permalink
    April 13, 2009 11:25 am

    niiice review man.

  2. April 13, 2009 9:08 pm

    I like your email John lol, and thanks

  3. xnxgoesarm permalink
    April 30, 2009 6:40 am

    Great Review

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