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Red Faction: Guerrilla Demo Impressions

April 3, 2009
It's time for a rebellion

It's time for a rebellion

The Red Faction series has been around since 2001 with the original release of Red Faction.  Red Faction Guerrilla becomes a open world third person shooter, much different from its FPS roots.  The demo was just released for Qore Annual subscribers so how does this game rank up with other games that are available now? Read more to find out.

From what I can tell from the movie esque trailer the demo starts with, you are Alec Mason is  aman who goes to Mars for a new start (Qore also adds that his brother was killed).  After that one way or another he is labaled as part of the Red Faction, the freedom fighters on Mars fighting the EDF(Previous good guys gone bad).  Just from the demo the game has a lot of communism revolution overtone, from the red faction name, to the symble/weapons used.

Demos are not known for giving great insight to the story, its all about the gameplay.  That said the gameplay is pretty solid & fun.  The game is a third person open world shooter, meaning there is no set way to complete a certain mission.

The mission shown in the demo isn’t too difficult, but is fun, even the hard mode isn’t that difficult, however that isn’t really a bad thing.  I noticed that certain vehicles were replaced by others in the different modes.  There are a few different weapons to try out, from your one hit kill sledge hammer to more standard pistol & machine guns.

The main selling point that makes Red Faction differ from other games (or somewhat different) is its full destructable environments.  If your gun is big enough, you can destroy anything, which is clearly evident when taking command of the Walker vehicle.  When in the Walker, it is just a mass of destruction, just tearing through a building and watching it jsut crumble around it with no slow down.

It is actually pretty impressive.  The demo did a good job of showing the different aspects of gameplay, from the on foot action, to the vehicle and the rail esque section at the end.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A system in the game that isn’t well explain in the demo is the reputation/destruction system.  It seems that the player is awarded for destroying EDF property and EDF soldiers, with killing sprees populating the screen from time to time.  You can also demoralize the population be killing them which seems to be a bad thing.

I also noticed a salvaging system that is used to upgrade weapons/equipment, but of course this system isn’t shown.  But these are all interesting concepts, I just wish I could have gotten a better view on how they work.

By the end of playing the demo a handful of times, I have a good feeling about Red Faction: Guerrilla, it works well in this small scale level and its a fun game.  Course I don’t know how this will work on the larger full scale game, but from what I’ve seen, it seems like it will be good.

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