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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice General & Trophy Guide

March 26, 2009


As fans of the series know, the Disgaea franchise can be very long and deep.  The series is known for its signature level cap of 9,999, and while not everyone is willing to go quite that far, there are a number of semi advance tips to teach those just wishing to clear the 200 mark.  This is a general guide for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice and will offer a few tips for making the game easier

*Most of the tips are best for post game playing, Saved Files made prior to the Trophy Patch  will still work*

Guide Version V1.60, Now with Trophies!

Weapon Skills, what you need to know

Have you played previous Disgaea games and wondering why there are so little weapon skills?  Well they are there, they are just a pain to get.  Now this shouldn’t really be in the general guide, but I feel its worth a mention.  For the most part story characters can only learn up to 3 weapon techs, maybe 4.  This is also true for the first tiers of the generic classes.  The higher weapon skills can be found in the higher tiers of the Brute Warrior(Axe), Samurai(Sword), Female Warriors(Spears), Gunslingers(Guns, duh) and Fury Fatalists(fists).  In order for the story characters to gain these ability, the Class world is needed, however I will not go into it because to just gain these abilities through this world, it costs ten times the amount of mana to get it.  This can quickly get out of hand, so unless you REALLY need the skills, just survive with the beginning 3 for now.

Skill Boosts, whats the difference?

New to the series in Disgaea 3 is the ability to level up weapons with mana.  This seems like a pretty good idea right?  Well its iffy.  Skills tend to become more powerful through the standard leveling from prior games than using the mana boost.  For magic skills, such as the Heals, using the mana boost is essential, as the boost is the only way to create a bigger range/have a bigger AoE with the spells.  Even though the boost will make skills stronger by increments of 120%, 150%, 190% etc, as you boost them up more, the SP requirement also shoots up, before you know it a skill that uses 10 SP will nearly double after 2 mana boosts.  While this isn’t a big deal for tier 1 skills, skills like Sapphire’s legend White will shoot from 60 to 90 SP with just the first boost.  This is something that becomes very important with the  the boosting, you may need a stronger skill, but can the characters SP keep up with the skill?  There is no real right or wrong answer on this one.


Now at first glance reincarnation doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, going back to level one for a few bonus points, doesn’t seem worth it does it?  Wrong, Reincarnation, especially for story characters is a very good way of gaining more power and acquiring better stats.  Every time a story character reincarnates, their aptitude increases by 5% for a maximum of 25%(After 5 reincarnations).  Aptitudes are those percent figures next to the information on characters for their stats.  By reincarnating story characters you can quickly allow them to gain more hp, Sp, power etc for each level they gain.  For non story characters, its not really worth it unless you want to make a stronger tiered or hybrid class. Hybrid classes are when a class, such as a cleric, reincarnates into another class like a warrior, giving the new warrior the ability to heal and deal damage.

Item World

The Item World is a very important place for those wishing to make stronger characters in any of the Disgaea games.  It is a place where the player enters an item in order to go thru a dungeon to level the item up.  In Disgaea 3 the depth of the dungeon is limited by the item’s rarity.  A Normal item will end at floor 30, which a rare will at 60 and a legendary item at 100 (Legendary items needed for the Item Warrior & Carnagenist Trophies).  Each floor that is completed, either by defeating all the enemies or going through a portal will increase the stats of an item.  Sometimes within the item world Mystery Rooms, Innocents, Pirates & level spheres will appear.  Mystery Rooms bring players to special rooms where treasure, shops or hospitals can be found, Innocents are neautral NPCs that when defeated, add special stats to the item and are trasnferable betwen items, Pirates are enemies that appear on floors 21+, and level spheres which when held at the end of the floor, adds more levels to the item.  The Clubs Wednesday Team and PPP help encourage more innocents and pirates to appear making the item more powerful.

Reverse Pirating

When a member of you’re team is in the PPP Club(Pirates Pirating Pirates) a new option in the item world appears, Reverse Pirating.  Reverse Pirating as players acting as pirates appearing on every 20th floor that the item has reached (20, 40, 60, 80, 100).  In order to reverse pirate a pirate ship is needed, a bad pirate ship is given by default which only appears for 1 turn and holds 3 items.  Pirate ships can be captured by defeating certain pirate groups.  Now what do you do while Reverse Pirating you say?  Simple, you capture or kill Innocents/treasure.  Capturing Innocents/Treasure (by throwing them on you’re ship) will make the innocents give better stat rewards for the item/better treasure items while killing them only gives standard stat increases.  Reverse Pirating is a great way of finding lots of innocents (as a base of about six innocents will be in the level) to make you’re weapons/items better.

Experience & Mana Farming

The perfect map for this is in Chapter 7: An Eye for an Eye on map 3, Corpse Eaters (known as 7-3).  This map has nine enemies arranged in a 3×3 pattern.  Keep in mind to take advantage of this map you must first complete it in story mode.  The nine enemies are on top of Exp +100% panels that double the experience earned by killing them.  Using a technique like Almaz’s Help Me Goddess, a fist user’s big bang  or any technique that attacks four or more enemies at once is best suited to eliminate any serious threat past the first turn.  You can also use the homeroom to use the stronger enemies proposal to make the enemies stronger to yield more exp and mana.  There is also a glitch that when the enemies reach level 99 (After four successful proposals for this map in particular) that they will yield exp of a level 300 monster allowing for even faster leveling.

The next experience & mana farming maps are House of Ordeals 2 & 4, with two not that useful (as 7-3 is easier).  House of Ordeals 4 is similar to map 7-3 except the enemies are stronger and will yield more experience.  To unlock the House of Ordeals 7000 mana is needed for the proposal to appear, once passed all the maps will appear the chapter title “Training: House of Ordeals”

Unlocking Classes/Tiers/Group leveling

The previous strategy with be needed for this, plus a few extra conditions.  Mainly the Honors Students Club needs to be unlocked.  This club gives characters the ability to receive 10% of the exp of the characters sitting around them.  Picking a character to level via the farming method, place four worthless classes around them and put them in the HS club.  Head to 7-3 and make sure all 4 are on the field and let your main guy loose to destroy the enemies.  This will bring them quick levels that will help unlocking more classes & tiers easy.  Keep in mind to unlock the next tier of a given class, the tier right below it needs to be brought to that specific level.  For example a tier 1 warrior is needed to unlock tier 2, then a tier 2 is needed to unlock a tier 3, no matter the level of the tier 1 warrior.  Below is a list of the class requirements for unlocking new classes, as well as the levels needed to unlock each tier.

Class:                             Requirement

Male Archer:      Level 15 Male Fighter and level 15 Male Healer.

Female Archer:        Level 15 Female Fighter and level 15 Female Healer.

Gunner Female:        Level 15 Female Thief and level 15 Mage.

Gunner Male:           Level 15 Thief and level 15 Male Mage.

Heavy Knight:          Level 15 Male Fighter and level 15 Fist Fighter.

Monster Tamer:       Level 15 Female Fighter and level 15 Fist Fighter.

Geo Master:            Level 20 Fist Fighter and level 20 Healer.

Magic Knight:     Level 25 Fighter and level 25 Mage.

Shaman:                  Level 25 Geo Master and level 25 Mage.

Cheerleader (Idol):  Level 25 Geo Master and level 25 Healer.

Ninja Female:          Level 30 Female Fist Fighter and level 30 Mage.

Ninja Male:             Level 30 Male Fist Fighter and level 30 Mage.

Male Ninja:             Level 30 Male Monk and level 30 Male Magician.

Male Samurai:         Level 35 Male Fighter and level 35 Male Archer.

Female Samurai:      Level 35 Female Fighter and level 35 Female Archer.

Masked Hero:         Level 45 Thief and level 45 Gunner.

Berserker:               Level 40 Heavy Knight and level 40 Monster Tamer.

Majin:                     Successfully complete the tutorial on a continued cycle.

Tier Level               Level Requirement

Standard Classes:

2                               15

3                               40

4                               80

5                               160

6                               360


2                                         50

3                                         150

4                                         450

Trophy List/Guide

Platinum – 4.0 GPA
Get all other trophies.

Bronze – Item Warrior
Beat floors 1 to 100 in an Item World without exiting.

Skipping the floors through portals also works

Silver – Trophy Shop Trophy
Get a Trophy from a Trophy Shop on the 90th floor.

The Trophy Shop is Mystery Room and as such only found on floors 91~99.

Gold – Carnagenist
Beat floors 1 to 100 in a Land of Carnage Item World without exiting.

Skipping the floors through portals also works

Bronze/Silver – Defeat each of the Pirates
Defeat each of the Pirate groups in the Item World.

When hunting for Pirates the general tip is to use Hero Prinny. Especially when you’re hunting in LoC floors 91+ you’ll encounter insanely strong enemies. Normally you’d sacrifice a character each turn waiting for Pirates to appear(Three turns after the floor starts). Which is fine. But Hero Prinny is the better solution. He’ll revive immediately in the base panel with 1 HP left and you can sacrifice him again and again without losing characters.  That said you should restrict yourself to hunt in LoC 91+ because you’ll find all Pirate groups there.

Bronze – Treasure Raider
Get all the treasure boxes in the Treasure Room in the Item World.

The Treasure Room is a Mystery Room found on floors 1~99 in the Item World. It’s the one with 13 rare and legendary treasure chests.

Bronze – Obey the Cat God
Talk to the Cat God at the top of the Treasure Tower.

Corsica’s Tower is a Mystery Room found on floors 1~99 in the Item World.

Bronze – Reverse Bandit
Get all the Reverse Pirating treasure boxes.

Silver – Reverse Robber
Steal from all the Innocents while Reverse Pirating.

Gold – Reverse Viking
Steal from all the Innocents and treasure boxes while Reverse Pirating.

Bronze – Who Wants to be a Milliondamagaire
Do over 1,000,000 damage.

See The Ten Billion Damage Man

Bronze – 100,000,000 Damage Pyramid
Do over 100,000,000 damage.

See The Ten Billion Damage Man

Gold – The Ten Billion Damage Man
Do over 10,000,000,000 damage.

To get this trophy without time consuming setups involving ATK+50% geo blocks you’ll need Hero Prinny’s Hell’s Finest evility. Equip it on a weak target character. A lv1 Pram for example. (But any character will do.) Her Prediction evility will further increase DMG taken by 50% if you wait a few turns.  Next make sure you have a character able to deal 1 billion damage and give him Naive Glasses (optional). Go to any map and let your character attack the [target character] (eg Pram). Done. Hell’s Finest will increase the damage tenfold.

Alternatively (if you don’t have Hero Prinny) you can either try building a Tower of ATK+50% Geo Blocks in 5-5 Rotten Grudge or go for Reverse Heal. The former is very tedious and time consuming but to sum up depending on your stats, aptitudes and equipment you’ll need a really high tower using 21 Geo Blocks (equivalent to 1050% damage boost) and a 475% Stationary Bonus as well as a magichanged Holy Dragon. You can cut down on a few things if your stats max out (99M). For more information you should search for Damage Record Setups or ask on the gamefaqs boards. It’s too tedious to make a short guide. You’re looking at half a day of stacking Geo Blocks, tens of hours merely preparing. But it’s an option for those who can’t use Hell’s Finest. Now the latter of the two options mentioned above. Reverse Heal.

What you basically need is 8 support characters. (I advise to use Cheerleaders because their innate Lovely Song will help you hit the stat cap.) Teach them via Class World Flonne’s Healing Paradise. We’re looking at 40 minutes wasted time to teach them. Next decide on a monster. It’ll need to magichange with your character, so grab a strong one from LoC and equip it with your strongest equipment + a Magichange Weight. Lastly decide on a character (if you can, use Sapphire or Flonne, they have Healing Specials – those are better than Omega Heal). Your character should be a humanoid with maxed aptitudes and the secondary evility Healing Paradise. Any character will work as long as you hit the STAT CAP after magichanging. Of course you’ll give your character your best equipment and put both character and monster in the Shura Support Group.

The rest is easy: go to Dark World 1-4 Strongest Crossroad and dispatch your whole team. 8 Cheerleaders and your character+monster. If you picked Sapphire or Flonne all you have to do is use magichange and attack one of your Cheerleaders using either Power of Love+9 or Legend White+9. No other optional boosts required. You’ll easily do 14 billion damage. If you picked any other character and are dealing with Omega Heal+9 you’ll need additional boosts, like the 475% Stationary Bonus. So get it before magichanging. Attack one of your Cheerleaders using Omega Heal+9. Done w/o using DLC characters.

Bronze – Attack of the Counter 9
Counter Attack over 9 times.

The easiest way to get this trophy is to use Revya’s Second Attack Win evility. Basically whenever a character with said evility has less than 25% HP he’ll have 100% chance to activate a counter. Two characters equipped with Second Attack Win will exchange blows and easily reach the required Counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter. You should also choose characters with a higher counter stat or boost it with Cheerleaders Counter Attack.

Bronze – Cinco de Panelo
Clear Geo Panels with 5 color changes in a row.

This trophy revolves around clearing all the panels, not the blocks with 5 color changes.  For this to work it must end in a null color block.  Any 4 colors will do betore the null block and if done corectly, an animation will appear to damage any enemy on the map, this will be a sign that all the  panels were cleared and the trophy should appear.

Tip from Sion4ever

Find a map with the Encroach geo effect and wait for it to cover the whole map. Once it does move the colored blocks together and the Null block a fair way off. Now destroy one of the colored blocks.

Bronze – 10 Block Combo
Clear Geo Blocks with 10 color changes in a row.

Go to Dark World 2-1 (or any other stage with enough Geo Blocks) and stake two colors in a pattern like in this picture.

Clear 10

Bronze – Consult Your Physician
Play for over 10 hours without stopping.

Bronze – ABC’s of Hitting
Get hit by ABC Gum. Keep talking to the Prinny statue at the HQ

Press x to talk to the back of the prinny statue (the side facing the gatekeeper) 9 times and an ABC Gum will me thrown at you, trophy gained

Bronze – 10 Piece Combo Meal
Defeat an enemy with 10 combos or more.

This trophy requires you to finish off an enemy with a Combo of at least 10.  Thus you should use the Attack+1 geo effect. Go to Dark World 1-1 for example and surround an enemy with 9 weak characters (Newly created lv1 characters will do). They have to be weak so that they don’t kill your target before you get the required Combo. Make sure to assign the weak characters first and a strong one to finish off your target last. The idea is to make your weak characters attack (and most likely miss if they’re weak)  to raise the Combo and let the strong one finish the enemy in one hit.  To make it even easier you can use Rifle Demons. Their evility Double Lock-On will let them attack twice. Or Chasing Fang evility (50% chance to hit twice if HP is under 25%). Or use a weapon with a Rubber innocent (Normal attacks are executed twice in a row.) like Deck Brush or Survival Attack and Class World Command Attack weapons. Your choice.

Bronze – Jumptastic!
Jump inside Evil Academy 100 times.

Bronze – The Ten Towers
Defeat an enemy with a 10 story tower.

Bronze – Axel’s Rose
Find Axel in the Item World.
You can find Axel’s Room (Mystery Room) on floors 61~99 in the Item World.

Bronze – Persuade by Force
Force the Student Council to approve your Home Room request.

Bronze – Combo No. 255
Accomplish over 255 combos in battle.

In Disgaea 3 a characters attack power will increase as long as that character doesn’t move from where they’re standing. It’s called the Stationary Attack Bonus. Each time your character attack the bonus will increase further.
+10% for every attack from 1 to 10
+5% for every attack from 11 to 20
+3% for every attack from 21 to 50
+2% for every attack from 51 to 80
+1% for every attack from 81 to 255

Hence you’ll have to attack 255 times to get a bonus of 475%. To speed up this seemingly endless process you should make use of Counter Attacks. Eg. using a weak character with Daisy’s Vow evility (Become immune to ally attacks.) or a Chicken Hat (Null physical attacks on odd turns, magic on even.) equipment or even Invincibility/Reverse Damage geo effects to attack a strong character equipped with Revya’s Second Attack Win evility. (See Attack of the Counter 9 for more information.)

Bronze – Capture Enemy
Capture an enemy during battle.

Bronze – Magichangician
Magichange 5 times in a battle.

Bronze – Receive 4, Move 20
Receive 4 times and move over 20 panels.

see below

Bronze – Receive 9, Move 60
Receive 9 times and move over 60 panels.

For these two receive trophies you want to go to the Pratice Map within the first chapter and make 9 Slimes, I suggest equiping them with soime HP improving items as after three turns the prinnies will start attacking.  Place the slimes exactly as they appear in the picture, the bottom left corner all facing north, the top left slimes facing the right, top right slimes facing south and the bottom right slimes facing the left.  A humanoid with a 5 or better throw to throw to the slime in the far left, view the picture for any problems

SludgeA bounces it with a range of 7 to SludgeB. [(2) in the picture]
SludgeB bounces it with a range of 7 to SuldgeC. [(3) in the picture]
SludgeC bounces it with a range of 7 to SuldgeD. [(4) in the picture]
SludgeD bounces it with a range of 6 to SuldgeE because it can’t bounce it to SludgeA. [(5) in the picture]
SludgeE bounces it with a range of 7 to SuldgeF. [(6) in the picture]
SludgeF bounces it with a range of 7 to SuldgeG. [(7) in the picture]
SludgeG bounces it with a range of 7 to SuldgeH. [(8)in the picture]
SludgeH bounces it with a range of 6 to SuldgeI because it can’t bounce it to SludgeE [(9) in the picture]
SludgeI bounces it with a range of 7 off to the ground. [(10) in the picture]

Trophy Picture

Trophy Guide Worked on by Julian & GameFAQs Member Sion4Ever

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