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Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection Review

March 24, 2009
This is MY collection Punks

This is MY collection Punks

Over the years companies have had a need to release old games in compilation packages.  One of these companies is SEGA who have been releasing collections over the past two generations.  Their latest creation is Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection which posts about 50 different games, the question is, are these games any good? The answer, for the most part yea

As I said the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection (which will now be called SUGC because I’m tired of typing it already) holds about 49 games within its collection.  These games range from the various classic sonic titles, to old favorites like kid Chameleon and quite a number of RPGs.  These titles have been upgraded to HD resolution, however it will be hard to notice since we are talking about mainly pre 1994 graphics.

What I like about the collection is the modern improvements to the system that aid in these old school games.  The collection itself has its own save & control system, outside the original games, effectively giving the ability to save to titles like Sonic & Sonic 2 which lack this ability.  This makes many old games much easier to play since back in the early 90s, you had to play a game without stopping in order to the reach the end.

Even though the title of the collection has the word Genesis in it, not all the games come from the SEGA Genesis, the the most part they do, but there are also Master System and Arcade games to boot.  I personally could do without the Master System games, but they are bearable.  However a few arcade choices puzzled me.  One of the games in the collection is Altered Beast, and there is also the arcade version of Altered Beast, which pretty much is the same game which I found sort of a waste.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That said, the alternate version isn’t unlocked from the beginning, and many extra games are locked until specific feats are performed.  On the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 these challenges tie into the Trophy & Achievement system.  For the most part these challenges unlock new games, however there are more than a handful of interviews to unlock, as well as box art/history for every game in the collection.  For those willing to dive into this info pile, there is some pretty interesting stuff to learn.

SUGC is a hard game for me to review.  I can’t review every game in the collection, that said, I enjoyed my experience with the collection.  The collection is perfect for those who want to relive their childhood, or for parents who want good child friendly games for their kids to play.  The presentation is good & slick (outside the games anyway), there are a good variety of games and genres to explore, and reliving old classics is a blast.  With local multiplayer on more than a handful of games, this even can be a family affair, not to mention the low price tag of $30, half the retail of normal modern games.  Whether or itching for old school games, wanting to keep your kid entertained, or looking for a good deal, it’s hard to go wrong with this game.

Julian’s Score: B



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