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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Demo Impressions

March 21, 2009
Its a Red Alert! Wait What happened to the Green & Yellow ones?

Its a Red Alert! Wait What happened to the Green & Yellow ones?

The Command & Conquer series has been a leader in the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre since the original in 1995.  Soon after the initial game was released, an offshoot was soon created in an alternate time line world.  This series is known as Red Alert, focusing on the Soviet Union trying to take over the world.  The latest game in the Red Alert series, Red Alert 3, was released last year for the Xbox 360 & PC.  It is now being released on the PlayStation 3 in the form of an “Ultimate Edition”.

This specific Red Alert title takes place with the Soviet union facing defeat by the Allied powers, and in a last ditch effort, the Soviet Union travels back in time to eliminate Albert Einstein, destroying the technological advantage that the Allies had.  After this even the time line changes with the Soviet Union about to conquer all of Europe, however the new time line has also created a new superpower, the Empire of the Rising Sun(The Japanese if you couldn’t get that).

The Empire declares war on both the Allies and the Soviet Union, creating a three way war between the superpowers.  In now classic Command & Conquer style, the story is told in live action cutscenes, acted by real life actors.  The series is known for having these cutscenes being cheesy, which they are, not to an extreme level in the few scenes there are in the demo, but its definitely there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s as far story wise as the demo goes, not concerning the two levels within the game.  I’m not entirely sure where in the game these levels take place, but one has you leading the Soviet Union, the other taking control of the Allies.  These two levels play very differently, and show the two sides of the RTS level design.  The Allied level plays like a standard RTS, you build a base, create units, and destroy the enemies base, while the Soviets play as the “Survive” mission where you have limited units & no base.

Both these levels play prety well, and are pretty fun.  Surprisngly the controls work great on a console, considering it has been hard to have RTSs control well on consoles, since the preferred control style is a mouse and keyboard.  While a PC set up is still preferred, the console controls on the Playstation 3 work extremely well.

Overall the presentation of the game is good, there is nothing that strikes me as great or spectacular (Could be just life post Killzone 2 :P) but there’s nothing that really distracts from the experience.  The cutscenes I mentioned earlier, are presented in HD (Yay Blu Ray) and look great, the sound effects are also well done, if unspectacular.

At the end of my experience with the demo, I found Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition to be an enjoyable experience, the controls are easy to pick up, the levels fun, and the story entertaining (Thus far anyway).  If you enjoy real time strategy games and itching for a console one, you can’t go wrong with this title.

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