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Noby Noby Boy Review

February 26, 2009
And Away We Go

And Away We Go

If there ever was a game that defined the word “weird” that game would be Katamari Damacy.  If there ever was a man that defined the phrase “Out There” it would be Keita Takahashi.  Takahashi’s latest project takes the form of Noby Noby Boy, a game that’s more out there than Katamari was.  Does Noby Noby Boy have what it takes to become the next indie hit on the PSN?Noby Noby Boy has players taking control of a creature called BOY.  It is up to BOY, and all the others BOYs to eat things and grow to feed a being known as GIRL.  It is girl’s dream to grow from planet to planet connecting them together so everyone can get along and become friends.  “Weird” and “Out There” were only a few ways to describe Takahashi and his games.

BOY is a strange creature who has the ability to stretch and shrink.  As BOY grows he has the ability to hold more objects within this stomach and allows him to steadily gro larger so he can consume larger and larger objects.  At anytime BOY (With the help of his fairy buddy) can report his growth to girl who will then grow by the amount reported.  As I said earlier GIRL grows to connect planets together and she will need the literal amount.  The first stop was the moon which was reached in less than a week, with the next stop being Mars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

When GIRL reaches these places it allows everyone who owns the game to go to that planet and access new levels within it.  Each planet has a certain theme accosicated with it, Earth for example has very green and colorful levels while the Moon has more….well Moon looking levels.  The levels are randomly generated and players can switch from level to level whenever they like.

The core game is good, the controls are solid, the gameplay just weird enough to be fun, the GIRL concept is borderline brilliant, however the game lacks something very important…incentive.  BOY will grow, and grow…and grow, and there is no point where a given level is “finished”.  You could potentially play the same level forever and never have it done which makes it difficult to play for a long period of time.  More than that though is that GIRL’s overall growth will eclipse any contribution you’ve done to almost nothing, even during the first day.  With the current count at over half a billion meters, and growing nearly fifty million meters a day, it can be hard to feel like your helping at all.

At the end of the day Noby Noby Boy is a good game, it just lacks incentive for players.  At a price of $5, even with the lack of incentive its hard to not tell people to at least try it.  If you have $5 burning a hole in your wallet, give Noby Noby boy a shot.  If you like the game you can get endless hours of playtime with it, if you don’t it will quickly disappear into the back of your downloadable catalog.

Julian’s Score: C

*As a note the game does feature video recording(With YouTube Uploading) as well as the ability to capture screenshots in game*

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