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Flower Trophy Guide

February 17, 2009
We'll try and catch the wind

We'll try and catch the wind

This guide will hold the purpose of a trophy and guide to the secret flowers found within the game(Which is needed for certain trophies)  There might be spoilers on how levels play out so keep that in mind before reading

Nature (Silver)-Bloom 10,000 flowers

Exactly what the description says

Urban (Silver) Completey awaken the city

In level six you need to return color to everything in the level.  The best way to go about this level is to take special care to bloom every floor and make sure the ground is green.  Eventually you get the power to make grass turn green so use it at earlier stages in the level to makere abolsutely sure you get the trophy.  Also destroy all the steel beam things to make sure the buildings turn back too.  Flying under playground structures will also return color to them.

Memories (Bronze)Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room

Don’t touch the controller in a level and allow the game into a screensaver mode. Just wait three minutes.

Palatte (Bronze)Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colours

At the end of the second area in level two (The Red Flower) there is an open field with rock formations. Bloom the flowers and this will cause the formations to open up and a current of air will be reveal. Fly into the current and it will change the color of your petal to allow you to paint the grass.

Wind(Bronze)Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times

In level three (Pink Flower) activate the windmills and float into them seven times.

Illumination(Bronze)Light a darkened pool

In level four (Blue Flower) there will be two pools of water. When your petal is glowing fly into the water to light it up.

Pure(Bronze)Journey to the city unscathed

In level five (Purple Flower) you need to get to the end without being touched by the electricity. To make it easier to do this, skip the first few electrified pieces of steel and during the “maze” area fly high to dodge the falling peices of steel, flying slow also helps.

Stars(Bronze)Release all of the names to the sky

Bloom all the flowers in the credits level

flOw(Bronze)Life could be simple…

In level three (Pink Flower) when you are in the canyon keep your eyes open for a hole in the canyon to your left. It will branch off into a series of caves. and stay to your right and you will go through a cave with markings that look like the creature from flOw.

Welcome Back(Bronze)Play the game after a week long break

There are two ways of doing this.  A)  Wait a week, B) Change the date settings on your Ps3

Healthy Play(Bronze)Take a ten minute break between any dreams

After completeing a stage, stay in the room for ten minutes & read a book or something

Beginning(Bronze)The dream has just started…

Find three secret flowers in any level.

Discovery(Bronze)Find and bloom a secret flower

Find a secret flower.

Dream (Gold) Beyond all flowers lies another room

Collect all the secret flowers in each level. Locations Listed Below

Level 1 (Yellow Flower)

  1. Collect all the white flowers in the outlying areas to make the secret flower appear.
  2. In the second area collect all the white flowers in the outlying areas to make the secret flower appear.
  3. In the third area the secret flower is behind some rocks at the back of the big tree.

Level 2 (Red Flower)

  1. In the first area collect all orange and red flowers.
  2. In the second area collect all the yellow and white flowers. Then collect the group of yellow flowers that appear near where you entered the area.
  3. The secret flower is in a hidden valley to the left of the third area.

Level 3 (Pink Flower)

  1. Just collect all the flowers you see in the first area to reveal the secret flower.
  2. In the canyon area with the ‘flOw’ cave entrace, try to go left in that area and you will see the secret flower.
  3. When you leave the canyon area, turn left and you will see the secret flower on the canyon wall.

Level 4 (Blue Flower)

  1. In the first area look for a large rol’ of hay. Not the hay stacks, it is beyond them in the darkness. The secret flower is behind it.
  2. Find the broken cartwheel and light it up.
  3. Light up on of the darkened ponds to reveal the secret flower. You must be glowing to do this.

Level 5 (Purple Flower)

  1. In the first area there is a hidden valley to the left of the starting flower.
  2. In the second section there is an electrical tower to the left. When you collect the flowers underneath it the tower will topple, and the secret flower will spawn.
  3. When you enter the third area, a maze like place, keep taking the right side path and looking behind you to see the secret flower.

Level 6 (Other Pink Flower)

  1. In the second area area with buildings  go into the door of the skyscraper and about half-way up you will see a secret flower.
  2. When you get onto the highway take the right exit. You will find yourself in a grassy area and if you continue on you will find the secret flower behind the on-ramp to the highway.(Also needed for the Urban Trophy)
  3. In the third area, with the buildings and twisted metal there is a secret flower behind one of the air vents nears the end.
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