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Flower Review

February 16, 2009
We'll try and catch the wind

We'll try and catch the wind

Flower is the latest game from ThatGameCompany, the people behind the Playstation 3’s FlOw & the PC’s student project Cloud.  That game company has made a name for themselves with creating unique experiences with their games.  Flower continues this tradition with stride.

Flower doesn’t contain a traditional narrative like most games, instead players are given a small peice of art before the levels start to set the scene.  I’d like to talk more about what I got from the game but I think it would be better if I didn’t spoil anything, as the game’s message is open for interpretation. What you get from the message, I can’t really say but who knows, you might find yourself appreciating more things in life than you did before you played it.

So you’ve probably heard around the web that Flower is more of a poem instead of a game etc etc and you might be thinking, “How do I play this game/poem/thing?”  The answer to that is simple, the player will control the wind which propels flower petals across the levels.

To control the wind any button on the DualShock 3 to control the speed of the wind, while the sixasis motion function controls the direction.  The motion controls works surprisingly well and I actually enjoyed/enjoy them (I’m not the biggest fan of motion controls).  The game spans across little over half a dozen levels and is incredible short.  However I didn’t really mind the short time it took for complete the game the first time, as there is a good amount of re-playability.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are three secret flowers scattered throughout each level that are crucial for achieving 100% of the trophies as well as other trophy challenges for the levels.  Each level has a specific goal in mind, for example activating windmills and such act as the overall goal, but most of the time you will spend your time making flowers bloom to reach that goal.  There are a variety of different flowers in the game, some with specific abilities like making the grass come to life.

To compliment the well designed controls are the graphical & audio qualities of the game.  The game is just beautiful and playing through the levels is a real treat on the eyes.  The game is just full of colors that will make it seem like you are really in these fields and it is just amazing to look at.

The audio aspects of the game are equally well done with calm relaxing music & sound effects that just add to the overall package. Similar to Everyday Shooter. the variety of flowers all create a different tone when you make them bloom that just adds more to the musical element of the game.

ThatGameCompany created a real gem with Flower.  It is a excellently well crafted title, however it is not for everyone.  The game has been described as a poem, a piece of art, and like those mediums, what you get from Flower is very subjective.  My best advice when looking to the game is this, if you look at the video & read this review and thought “This is stupid!” or something along those lines don’t get the game.

Like abstract pieces of art if your not open the idea of the piece (In this case the game) your not going to get anything out of it.  However if you find the premise interesting, by all means spend your $10 on the title, you will be far from disappointed.



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