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How to get the most bang for your buck with Video Games

February 12, 2009
Nuff Said

Nuff Said

So with the economy not the greatest anywhere in the world, we gamers are in a sort of predicament.  We like games, we like playing games, but most games are expensive, especially new ones that range in price from $40-$60.  Since games/gaming is so expensive these days I find it to be useful if I handed out some tips for getting more bang with your buck when it comes to games.


Owners of the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 will have the Trophy/Achievement system built into their games.  Trophies & Achievements are objectives for games that add to a total ranking for your online ID.  For the Playstation 3, Trophies come in the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum trophies that add to a Trophy level, while the Xbox 360’s Achievements are divided by point score and add to a a number rank.  This system may make you do things in a given game you normally wouldn’t think of which can really extend play time,especially if your a perfectionist.

Do your Research


Ever pay $60 for a game that sucked? Hopefully not but it happens often.  A good way to make sure you will enjoy a game is to do research and look at reviews of games.  Places, like well here, IGN and more are good sources for quality reviews.  I’m not saying to listen religiously to us reviewers, but having a second, third, fourth etc opinion is always useful.


Check the price of your games, some games come out at a cheaper price, like Locoroco 2 which debut at $20 instead of the standard $40 psp price range.


A key part in enjoying/playing a game is whether or not you like the type of game your playing.  My personal preferences are RPGs & Action Adventure games.  That means I tend to enjoy those type of games more and am more likely to play them more.  RPGs are especially good games from a having standpoint as at minimum they tend to last 20 hours, some into the 200+ hour range.


A standard in modern gaming is online gameplay.  Games like Little Big Planet, Halo series & more have ridiculous re-playability with online matches, co op & more.  Throw in trophy support, medal, & ranks the online matches of games can easily take a lot of your time, and maybe make some new games irrelevant.

Downloadable games are also a good spend as they tend to cheap, really cheap compared to disc based games, ranging from $5-$40.  Things like Sony’s Playstation 1 Classics & Nintendo’s Virtual Console system allow you to relive old titles from your youth.  Going with downloadable games will net you more games for the same price of a single disc based game, however at the same time they can be a lot shorter.  That said there are games like Wipeout HD, Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty & others that blur the line between what is a considered a disc based game or a downloadable one.

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