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Cuboid Review

January 15, 2009
Very Ancient Looking

Very Ancient Looking

Cuboid was added onto the PSN by an unknown developer Creat Studios, partnered with Tikgames.  While Creat Studios is known for mediocre games like the American Chopper series on the ps2, and Tikgames known mostly for casual PC & Iphone games, the combining of these who studios brought out a gem to the gaming world.  While Cuboid may not seem like much, it’s an amazing little game.


Cuboid has the plater controlling a rectangle, moving through a small area trying to reach the goal point.  The Cuboid can either lad on its square, or rectangle side and the player goal is to rech the end in the smallest amount of time & with the least amount of moves.  The various levels, little over 60 in total, will only last maybe 10-20 seconds but only after you’ve already played the level a few times.

The game rewards players with different level of medals depending on how much time the player took, how many movies, & how many falls.  The medals range from Bronze, Silver & finally Gold.  While these do little for the game itself, they tie into trophies that can be achieved through the game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The game sports two different difficulties, Beginner & Expert which sport their own unique levels.  Obviously the levels in Expert are harder than their beginner counterparts however, every level should be taken seriously.  Within each mode there are a handful of levels that are “Special:.  These are known as the Ring, Goblet, etc etc levels.  These levels are harder than the rest. I haven’t yet beaten all of these levels, but I assume it will do something in game as the game chronicles your completion of these levels, as well as individual trophies.

The game also sports leaderboards, but strangely you have to upload individual scores for each level you complete, rather than it being automatically uploaded.


Like the gameplay, the graphics & audio are simple, but overall is a good presentation that doesn’t detract from the game.


Cuboid is a game that is hard to describe.  It is a puzzle game in its purest form & is just a blast to play, whether its for a few seconds, minutes or hours.  I wholly recommend this game for anyone interested in an accessible, yet challenging puzzle game.  It was a $10 well spent.



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