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Gears of War 2 Review

January 4, 2009

938611_85533_front3 The epic conclusion is here, everyone who has played Gears of War can finally finish the fight. Oh wait that would be Halo 3’s slogan and of course if you beat this game your led to believe Gears of War 3 is definitely going to come out. Well maybe you’re not going to get closure but this game definitely grabs your attention. If you loved the mindless violence of exploding corpses, chain-sawing locusts in half, and exploding enemy’s heads off, then you’re going to continue to love this series. Everything familiar to you from the first game is back in this one, theres no huge changes. The graphics are still fantastic, especially on signal player HD. The gameplay is just as fun, a lot of the weapons you know such as the fantastic Lancer and Hammer of Dawn are back, and the AI are just as smart as ever.


Story Mode

When you play through the single player campaign you will probably notice that it’s longer then the first game. This is already a good sign and the best part about it is that it’s still fun to play again and again. I’ve beaten it three times because every time another friend wants to try out the game with me. You’ll be best playing things with your friend because the designers know how to make co-op fun. In single player you will get an equally satisfying experience but that still doesn’t have to stop you from being alone. On Xbox live you can find a matchmaking game to play co-op or invite someone from your friends list to join you in the middle of your campaign. They also added an extra difficulty called Insane mode where you basically can die in a couple of shots from any gun or one shot from the stronger weapons. It’s a very painful experience which is why I stuck with hardcore mode (2nd most hardest mode out of the possible 4).Yeah don’t forget this entire game revolves around taking cover or you’re going to die. Unless you’re playing easy/normal then its can sometimes be played like a regular shooter, which takes the fun out of it.

Gears of War Vs Gears of War 2

Now there are a couple of changes if you’re wondering what’s the difference between the first game and this one. First of all this is new, the first game must be boring by now; you get your nice cut scenes with new plot, with some twists along the line. You get a bunch of new epic locations to fight in, such as on top of a gigantic shooting transportation vehicle, inside a giant worm, and a couple of neat things to ride on, which I don’t want to spoil. The grenades you have can now be stuck on walls, which is awesome because they act like proximity mines and you get to strategically place them to kill the enemy as they pass by the grenade. You can also counter a chainsaw attack with your own chainsaw attack and have a duel by pressing the B button rapidly. The hammer burst has been replaced with the hammer burst assault rifle, which now shoots these larger ammunition rounds at a slower single shot rate instead of the short burst automatic rounds the original one used. Detachable turrets have been added, flamethrower, new pistol, and a huge shield which you can use for portable cover. You can also use downed enemies as human shields and have an added execution to perform on them when they are down. When you yourself go down on your knees, you can now crawl towards your friend so he can revive you more easily. The areas you can take cover in and other structures seem to be a lot more destructible then in the first game. Stone and wood starts to chip off as you try to shoot the guy who’s in cover and you can shoot the leggings of a structure to collapse a roof on enemies in some parts of the game. The annoying driving sequence from the first game was replaced with a bearable driving sequence where you actually get check points, a turret gun instead of a huge light, and your vehicle heals overtime.


Online Play

Once you’re done with the campaign you can go on xbox live and play trough a bunch of fun game modes. Aside from the regular 4 vs 4, territories, and other variations of 4 vs 4, a new game made has been added called Horde mode. You team up with 5 people and round after round a set of enemies come after you. At least one of you has to survive the round to continue and everyone who died gets revived for the next round. The challenge is to survive 50 rounds of enemies, every round the number of enemies grow except every 10 rounds the number resets. But as the number resets the enemies damage and health increase. They also have a capture the flag type game with an interesting spin. The flag is actually a human civilian with a shotgun. If you don’t shoot him down he will kill you and once he’s on his knees you grab him for cover. While you use him as cover you can use your pistol to drag him to your base to earn a point. It’s really fun to play online but I have experienced some bad lag which ruins the game. It happens in a lot of games so there’s not much to complain about except that they added an annoying little feature that disables you from leaving the game. This was implemented because too many people would leave for no reason in online games, which basically screws over the team their on. But now even when there’s immense lag, you all know you’re not having fun and you’re probably going to lose, you have to physically turn off your Xbox to quit.



In conclusion this is actually a game worth spending your hard earned cash on. Everyone loves violence and explosions and if you don’t then don’t get this game because it delivers a great amount of it to your TV screen. If you’re a fan of the first game, go buy a copy, you wont get  disappointed. The graphics are great, the AI never act the same way twice, so you’re in for a treat that will last  you a while. If you have xbox live then every time you’re bored you can pop this in and please yourself with some online action. If you love achievements then you will have a ball with this, try killing 100,000 enemies. I’ve been playing for over 30 hours and I think I’m almost up to 10,000. (or is it a lot lower then that). One final note that I forgot to mention is that collectibles are still around except they are replaced with other items all of which have notes you can read.



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