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Fall Xbox360 Interface Update

November 19, 2008

11/19/2008 the new xbox360 fall update. I’ve heard many people very afraid of what this update was going to do. Everyone is used to their interface and everyone liked their gamer pics. Now something brand new is rolling in so how does it hold up? Well let me tell you this new update and change looks fantastic and much much much better then the above picture. Everything looks crisp and sexy and it’s still easy to navigate. A couple of thing’s seem to be made simpler, such as finding out your achievement points. Many other options have been added such as menus for Inside Xbox (which brings you interesting videos you might want to watch) and an events tab, which tells you upcoming events such as Play Gears of War 2 with so and so Nov 23 and play Left 4 Dead with GamerchiX. (Community of female gamers.) Your also given a welcome tab that let’s you find out what exactly is all this and what features might you be missing out on. Everything else just looks completely different from all the menus, to the loading bar, menu for pressing the middle button, and even some themes.

The themes that you apply to your background are slightly different. Instead of 4 panels of pictures that switch after every scroll, you get a static picture and a color change at the bottom. It looks really cool and some of them have themes when you scroll trough your friends. For example one of the Gears of War 2 themes has all your friends next to blown up buildings and tanks. If you have an old theme its basically white on the bottom and your friends are next to xbox360 related things. Speaking of looking at your friends, everyone now gets to make avatars similar to the Wii. At first it sounded lame but the basic old gamer pics were really getting boring. Plus you can still keep your old gamer picture, but still make a avatar that is always standing next to the main xbox tab. They look much better then the stupid Wii avatars, you can give them clothing and accessories. If you do want to use them as a gamer pic then you get to take a picture of the avatar anyway you like.

Also new to the xbox360 is a feature where you can finally gather up in a party instead of just one person. You do this so you can all talk with each other and join up something like Halo 3 or Gears. Microsoft has also teamed up with Netflix so if you have a Netflix account like I do, you can now stream anything they have on the “Watch Instantly” section on your TV. This makes for a much better quality and some are even in HD. Everything also loads faster and you don’t have to worry about it freezing as much as it does on my laptop. You can see the buffer rate if you fast forward and it doesn’t last that long. Whatever you have in your que, gets added to your 360 right away and you select what you want to watch. Excellent update, if you have xbox live sighn in so you can get this update already. If you don’t get a free silver subscription for this among many other awesome xbox live features.

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