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Official Star Trek Trailer Debut

November 17, 2008

So here is the official Star Trek trailer, courtesy of SFSignal.

After watching it, my opinion is simple: its going to suck.

The reason that I say this is not because of what I said last time, about putting our expectations into high orbit, although that does play a part. No, this time I think its going to suck because its going the Hollywood route of most remakes: amp up the action and leave the original behind.

Little of it seems to be genuine, original Star Trek. While you would think this would be blatantly obvious, seeing as how it is a remake, essentially, my point is that they’re getting too far away from the original material. First of all, while Kirk was definitely a dashing, handsome man who played loose with the rules, he wasn’t the kind of guy who would throw a Corvette into the Grand Canyon while jumping out of it. He also seems more “dark” in this movie, which is a sad trend amongst contemporary remakes. Secondly, the UFP did not seem like the type of nation to have stormtroopers as police officers, although maybe Abrams wants to make it seem like the USA. Thirdly, while there was some (implied) sexuality in the original show, nobody was ripping their shirts off. This trend of overt sexuality disturbs and bothers me. Can’t we make stuff we can take kids to? Fourth–building the Enterprise on the surface of Earth? Are you quite mad?

The original Star Trek was about answering tough societal questions and exploring the galaxy at the same time. Action was part of it, but it wasn’t the central concept. This trailer, however, tells me that action is going to be Paramount (did I just make a pun?) in this film. I’m actually neutral on that, but I feel like its going to overpower the film and make it yet another dumb action schtick, which isn’t Star Trek and isn’t good.

There’s always the fact that the remake will never be good as the original, but in this case, I think the remake will be significantly worse. I’ve heard about how its not a remake or a reboot, and how its supposed to fit into the original canon, but lets face it, that’s impossible. JJ Abrams couldn’t do it if he had Joss Whedon writing the script for him. (Come to think of it, why couldn’t he do it? Joss has that frontier spirit down pat.) Add to it that the plot is about a Romulan from the 24th century coming back to the 23rd to screw around time, and we have something that seems like a yawner. How many time travel plots have we done already? Aside from the actors, the sets, the ship–basically, the superficial visual crap–there is nothing new. So not only is going to suck because its too far away from the original, its also going to suck because its basically going to have a rehashed plot. Not even Simon Pegg can save it, I’m afraid.

Granted, I am being overly negative, but I can’t see this being a great movie. I’ll watch it, definitely, but only because its my duty as a reviewer. I’m not sure if I want to shell out $10 for it, though, so hopefully I can catch it back home where its only about $4. So, in conclusion, color me unimpressed. I hope it turns out better, but I’m afraid that Star Trek XI will be nowhere near as good as its original, SFX notwithstanding.

Final (Trailer) Score: B

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