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Killzone 2 Beta Impressions

November 17, 2008

I’m going to start these impressions off with a very bold statement so I can get it out of the way very early.

Killzone 2 is going to be the definitive first-person shooter on the PS3 and may very well be the biggest game of 2009.

This are my initial impressions from playing just one multiplayer level in the beta of the game. On to the impressions.

From the moment you start the oddly small (~400MB) beta of Killzone 2, it is very evident just how extremely polished this game is. The menus are quick and fluid and connecting to a game is extremely simple. Once in the game, it immediately hits you with just how great the visuals really are in Killzone 2. Metal Gear Solid 4 has been the best-looking next-gen game on the market but Killzone 2 is poised to blow MGS4 out of the water graphically. Every single little thing about this game just looks visually stunning. The sound is also very good in the game, with gunfire sounding very realistic, and surround sound helping locate where shots are being fired from.

The gameplay is rock solid. The controls feel great, the character moves well, and best of all, jumping just feels right. The game is fairly realistic in that a few well placed rounds will take down an enemy, as opposed to some shooters where you just empty clips into enemies before they drop down. The game is also intense. I can’t wait to see how the single-player mode turns out.

The online portion of the game is working near flawlessly already. I have only encountered about 2 instances of about the smallest amount of lag you could imagine. None of this even affected gameplay to any extent so I would call it negligible. People are using headsets online which is a very good thing, and teams were working together fairly well to complete objectives, such as capturing enemy intel. The game features multiple stat-tracking which also worked well.

With still 3 months to go, Killzone 2 is already more polished than most games that are released. This is one of the few betas I’ve been in that haven’t had problem after problem (*cough* Metal Gear *cough* Socom). I would like to offer Guerilla some criticisms to improve the game, but I honestly can’t find anything wrong with it right now. This beta has definitely solidified this as a Day 1 purchase for me.

February can’t come soon enough.

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