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Detroit Metal City Review

November 17, 2008

There are always borders in entertainment. For instance, things in a show can get more and more awesome, until they cross a particular line where they stray from “cool” to “so over the top its ridiculously unwatchable.” Let’s call the “cool” part “A” and the “over the top” section “B.” Now, “B” goes on for a bit, before it crosses another line and things are so over the top its unbelievably cool and you have to watch it. This section is “C.” The pattern continues for quite awhile until you get to point “Z,” and here you’re honestly not sure if its blasphemy to watch it or sacrilege not to.

Detroit Metal City is so uncomfortably past “Z” that I found myself laughing, not because it was funny (although it was in some parts), but mostly because it was a coping mechanism where all else failed. The show is about a young boy named Negishi, who leaves home and goes to Tokyo to become a singer in a “trendy” (read: disgustingly sweet pop) band. Instead, he ends up as the lead singer in a death metal band which provides the title of the series. Essentially, the show is about multiple personality disorder, as Negishi must deal with his alter ego: “Krauser II,” whom everyone thinks is a demon and the King of Hell. Sometimes, Negishi is unable to keep his alter-ego separate from himself, and ends up doing very bad and embarrassing things, usually in front of the person he wants to marry, a sweet girl named Aikawa who is totally into the trendy stuff. The other members of the band are Jagi, who is actually rather normal out of costume and not playing bass; an angry, retarded midget named Camus, who plays drums; and the “president,” a woman who constantly goes on and on about her private parts getting wet whenever she listens to the band play music or hear about cops being beaten up.

Then there are the fans, who have a collective IQ of about 3. Considering there are approximately a billion of them, this does not bode well for the future of the human race. They honestly believe Krauser is Satan IncarnateTM and that anything he does is mad awesome, when really its just mad. For instance, at the end of one concert, Negishi/Krauser randomly says “I will return from hell when the steel tower splits the full moon!” On the forums (yes, there are forums, and no, they’re not /b/) the fans interpret this to mean that Krauser will be “summoned” at Tokyo Tower. Jagi more or less coerces poor Negishi to go. So he shows up, starts singing, and then a policeman shows up to wonder what the hell is all that racket. Then, brain missing, Negishi/Krauser jumps on Tokyo Tower and precedes to hump the living daylights out of it. Tokyo Tower lights up as he is doing it, so all the fans think–quite literally, mind you–that Tokyo Tower is “enjoying it,” and then it starts to rain, so logically, tyhe rain must be Krauser’s “secret sauce.” (I have to keep this PG-13 so Julian doesn’t get mad. We’re kid friendly, you know.) Yes, the fans are that stupid. And then they believe that Krauser humping Tokyo Tower produced the Roppongi Hills, and the rest, as they say, is No Child Left Behind.

I can’t really get into the description of this show, mostly because nearly everything is rated “R.” Everyone is lewd, crude, foul-mouthed, and definitely inappropriate for anybody under the age of sixteen or with asthma. Most of the time, though, it goes so far that you can’t help but laugh your buttocks off, if only to keep your brain from processing those dirty, dirty thoughts. Each episode is only about 13-15 minutes, fortunately, although if you find it on Crunchyroll, you could get addicted fast.

I find the show to be purified insanity. I can’t recommend this show to kids at all, and if you do show this to your children, you need to be locked up in a mental hospital. However, I honestly can’t give it a recommendation to anyone else either. Its just too far for me–but it might not be too far for you. If you want to give it a shot, watch the first episode on Crunchyroll when you’re at home and your family isn’t. To be on the safe side, use headphones (just in case a family member understands Japanese.) It might leave a foul taste in your mouth, or it might be very, very sweet. I honestly won’t know.

Final Score: D-A (personal score: C)

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