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MIrror’s Edge Demo Impressions

October 31, 2008

Mirror’s Edge was first unveiled during this years Sony’s Gamer Day. The title has been praised for its unique concept and gameplay.


As I was starting to loose hope, a demo with some story! The demo comprises of the prologue to the main game and as being the prologue, gives you some information. A cartoon trailer starts to give a little back story with Faith (main character) telling the story on how the world changed, slowly at first, then radically. She says how the cities used to be alive, even if they were dangerous, but now the cities are “something else”. The people who rebelled against the changes were made criminals and they are the runners clients(What faith is). She says how being a runner makes her feel like shes still alive(now we know where the name of the theme comes from). After going through the tutorial you have a package you need to deliver, but strangely the cops start shooting at you for no reason once they see you. This sets off the rest of the story

Mirror’s Edge is one of those games that is unique because of its premise, first person action game. The simplest way to describe it for people is, Prince of Persia in first person in a modern city. Being a Runner, Faith travels along rooftops to get to her destinations. She posses an ability called, Runner Vision that allows her to see what objects can be used for different acrobatics/movement. These objects will turn red and tell the player/Faith that she can do something with them.

The game does not sport any normal control scheme. Instead of a jump, climb, etc button there is a much simpler button sequence. There is one button for anything that has to do with up, one for down, and outside of combat, that is really all you need. There is also a turn around button that aids when needing to look behind you quickly.

The controls may sound odd, but once you get used to them (should take you about the time to finish the tutorial to do so), you’ll quickly have fun traveling along rooftops. When you comfortable making jumps, slides etc the pace becomes fast and you feel like you are Faith, running across rooftops. This is made even more apparent when you fall. The falling sequence is so realistic that it might freak you out. I know that I felt my heart start racing when falling. The fall sequence is so immersive that you do not want to fall because it really makes you feel like falling.

Once combat and being chased kicks in, the already fun & fast pace of running is made faster and more frantic because, unlike most games where it takes an army to kill you, it doesn’t take much to kill faith so taking on three to four bad guys is not a good idea.

Mirror’s Edge is a beautiful game. The realistic characters coupled with a stylized world creates a truly surreal experience. Its rare in a game to hold onto a ledge, and just look out for a few minutes at the city around you. The city is extremely detailed and you can see and hear planes over head just like in real life and makes the city more real, rather than just something computer generated. The theme song “Still Alive” can be head a few times through the demo and it is an amazing song. The sound affects are great and as I mentioned earlier with falling, you may sometimes hear a squish when everything goes black.


Mirror’s Edge is the first demo in awhile that I was disappointed that it ended. After seeing it in trailers for the past few months, I, like everyone else, thought, interesting idea, but not sure if it is going to be good. The demo confirmed that it is not just an interesting idea, but an amazing game. I cannot wait for this game, and it will be a day one purchase for me

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  1. Dave permalink
    November 3, 2008 5:16 pm

    Definitely a must-buy!


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