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Tom Clancy’s End War Demo Impressions

October 28, 2008

Well Tom Clancy is back once again and as usual he does not disappoint us. With superb graphics and engaging game play this looks like a game that’s going to do very well when it comes out. The demo gives you exactly one mission to do, which is very disappointing as it is pretty short. But it also let’s you play online against other people or AI. This game is played almost like a RTS (real time strategy) game, with a twist. Instead of moving around your units or attacking by right clicking, you give every single order by talking into a headset. That’s right, you use your xbox live headset to basically do everything in the game.

Now before you even start the game they give you a tutorial on how to use the voice recognition system they built in, so you know what your doing and can also adjust your mic. If your starting to worry that you don’t have a mic and your too cheap to get one, have no worries. During the game you can select every command with the directional pad and the A button. Although it does take the fun out of the game if you don’t have one as well as the fact that you can speak commands much faster then you can press them. Examples of what exactly I’m talking about is basically saying a set list of phrases one after the next such as, “Unit 2 Attack Hostile 3” or “Unit 7 Move to Alpha.”

The story line is thrown at you really quickly, gas prices are becoming worst, Europe unites and becomes huge, nuclear warfare finally ends, and Russia is now the number one breadbasket of oil. When you start the single player level they give you, you start with two tanks. After time passes new slots open up and you can bring in more units such as helicopters. Enemy’s start to attack you and you have to act right away. Slowly figuring out how to make each unit separately attack the different enemy forces, before I knew it I was saying phrases without reading them off the screen. The voice recognition is pretty good, you can say it at a decent speed, not incredibly fast, and as long as you don’t mumble or laugh your good.

Enjoying the scenery around me, I pick off the enemy’s one by one and before I know it the missions is over. I beat it on medium mode as hard was locked and I got an A ranking on my first try. You seem to get a bunch of money or some sort of resource you can spend if you were to go and continue the game, but of course the demo ends. Before each mission you can also pick different units to start with and I’m sure there are other thing’s I might have missed. As long as the game isn’t actually this short and I assume it gets more challenging then it should be great.

I then plunged into the online section they created and right away I was put up against some stranger somewhere on this Earth. It took me a while to figure out what was going on because there was no tutorial for this part of the game. After almost completely dieing off I figured out a majority of what this was all about. There is a handful of neutral territories that are scattered on the map and the goal is not to completely destroy the other person but capture all the territories. You do this by obtaining ground soldiers that have the ability to capture it because it definitely didn’t seem to be working with the helicopters or tanks. You can also get transport trucks since the soldiers walk really slowly and I also want to add that your units seem to have special abilities. One set of ground units can plant mines and the opposing team constantly was using electronic pulses that not only immobilized my tanks and helicopters but discombobulated my mini map screen. I lost badly but there definitely seems to me some good strategies that go behind everything. This also gives me hope that the game won’t go so easy on you in future levels.

In conclusion this game should definitely please many, the graphics are great, the sounds is great, and the game play is even slightly unique. Not everyone will like this since there is strategy involved but if you like the games of Tom Clancy then you probably know what to expect. The mic seems to do fine, there were only a couple times that the AI told me she didn’t understand what I was trying to say, but it’s to be expected as I started to talk faster and laugh when my friend was talking to me. Everything runs smoothly and I didn’t run into any problems, but anything could happen when the game actually gets released.

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