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Little Big Planet Trophy Guide

October 28, 2008

Little Big Planet has just been released, and I’m sure all you Trophy Hunters out there are looking to pounce. Here are a few tips for everyone to get some Trophies.

Story Trophies

There are 7 Trophies, each for the 7 story areas. These Trophies are very simple and only require you to complete all the main path areas in each section. The special challenge maps are not needed for these trophies, so just do the main maps and before you know it you’ll get the trophies.

Expert Creator

Now this trophy is extremely easy, if not very time consuming. The easiest way to get through this trophy is to complete the gardens and or Savannah areas and then head into create mode. From here choose the “play next tutorial” option until it disappears. Once this happens head into your tools bag and look for items with a small white ? surrounded by purple in the corner of the icons. These symbols mean that there is a tutorial to do or a video to watch, do them. Once this is done you should have the Trophy.

Secret Stickerist

This Trophy is simple, once you find the sneaker sticker trigger in the gardens, return to the first level and place the sticker where you see the sneaker shape, this will unlock the race in the level netting you the trophy.

Creator & Team Creator

Start building a level and bring the thermometer on the left to over 30%, you’ll know this when you save and get the creator trophy. From here turn on a second controller you own and save again, this nets you the team creator one.

8x, 20x, Hi Score, Incredible Height, Incredible Speed, Sackbird

These 6 trophies can be difficult, if not impossible during the story levels. The only one within reason is the 8x. If you don’t want to cheat the Meerkat Bounce challenge level with a partner is your best bet. To get the trophy have each of you take a side and only collect point bubbles from that side. Give it a minute and you two should collect an 8x multiplyer in no time.

Now if you don’t care about cheating there are a number of user created levels designed to give you these trophies. Simply hop online, find one and complete it.

There are many more trophies than these but they are all simple/self explanatory and require no tips from me, play the game and enjoy

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