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Linger in Shadows Impressions

October 14, 2008

Linger in Shadows is a pet project/experiment by Plastic. Linger in Shadows is categorized as a demoscence and by the PSN as interactive art. It is an interesting experiment to say the least.


Linger in Shadows does not have a story but what you can tell from it is that there is a mysterious shadow that’s traveling through it that living things that see it avoid. That is all I can get from it.


The gameplay of Linger in Shadows consist in the “Linger” mode. In this mode you have the ability to move the camera(Via the sixasis movement), fast forward/rewind time, and a variety of other movements that depend solely on whats in the environment. These actions are needed to progress through linger in order to reach the next part. Most of these actions, well all require you to have it paused. There are a ariety of these actions that will allow you to move to the next next part of linger, or just some nifty things that are just playful and funny to do.

Linger in Shadows is nowhere near an eyesore and the game sports an impressive painted visual styling. Where Linger in Shadows exceeds the most is in its music. It has an outstanding dramatic soundtrack that rivals some of the real bigger budget games. Plastic has given out the soundtrack for free on their website. (pst, click the link to download it)


Linger in Shadows is an interesting experiment of what can be offered as a downloadable game on a console. The PSN category does not lie as Linger in shadow is interactive art. Watching it, which runs at almost 7 minutes uninterrupted is a nice little treat and playing it with friends who’ve never seen it is great fun as it will freak them out a bit. Being as it is not a game, I cannot give it a score(Thus why its an impressions post) however if you don’t mind parting with $4, give Linger a shot, and hey, it has easy trophies if your into them.

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