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Little Big Planet Beta Impressions

October 6, 2008

Little Big Planet is the first game by Media Molecule, comprised of former LionHead Studio employees. Debuyed in 2007 Little Big Planet impressed everyone in the gaming industry and is on its way to impressing the masses on Oct 21st.


There is no real story in Little Big Planet(LBP) per say. That said there is a story and the start of the game is the greatest opening on a Epic scale I’ve ever seen, it is genius and pretty amusing. The narrator of the game explains that Little Big Planet, is a planet of dreams, that is created through the dreams and imagination of the sleeping people of Planet Earth. The beta only goes through 1/7th of the story. You might ask yourself, “How can he know he’s 1/7th through the story?” Easy I answer, here are 7 different areas of the game. These areas are controlled/ruled by Dream Currators that look after these areas while people are awake.


The first of these areas are known as the Gardens with three levels, and one bonus play level. The gardens act as a basic tutorial for the core platforming gameplay of the game. These three levels are a blast to play and shows off how fun the game can be. The levels have a surprising amount of hidden goodies hidden through the levels. Outside the first one it takes some thinking and observation to find everything in the level. At this point I know your confused and wondering what your supposed to find. Throughout the levels there will be little red eyeball looking orbs to collect that contain points. These orbs are just fillers and the main goal is to collect new objects/stickers. Collecting these objects/stickers will give you access to them during the create portion of the game, as well as giving you points for that specific level.

You can also find objects in user created levels, which allows you to collect from pretty interesting things that aren’t available in the normal levels. The user created levels range from small/uninspired to complex, large and fascinating. After playing through the levels the game will give you stickers to rate the level so others can know what your experience was like.


So after playing the story levels and other people’s levels, you want to create your own. Well creating levels is really fun, if not a bit annoying at first. It can be annoying because instead of just giving you tutorials before you start, you have to go through tutorials everytime you discover something new to use. This is semi frustrating as you never know what will can or can’t use until you try and you are prmpted to go to the tutorial. This system is flawed and will make many stop creating because of this. So you survived the tutorials and now you want to create levels. The game will give you a number of templates as well as a blank one to start out with. Thinking up ways of setting up and manipulating the world is easy and intuitive and you can tell a lot of work went into this system.


Little Big Planet is a fantastic looking game with its toy box feel and adorable looking sackboys/girls. The audio in the beta is limited so its hard to comment on it at all.


Based on the beta Little Big Planet is looking to become a game for just about anyone. The platforming is fun, the look charming and the simple, yet deep, create system is a blast to mess with. If your on the fence with the title, I recommend you give this game a shot, you won’t be disapointed.

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  1. Dave permalink
    October 7, 2008 1:48 pm

    Just got an invite from Playstation Underground for the LBP beta.

  2. Julian permalink
    October 7, 2008 2:31 pm

    well get to it, it ends on the 11th

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