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Bioshock Demo Impressions

October 2, 2008

Bioshock is a game from former Irrational Games, now 2k Marin, Australia and Boston. The game was released last year on the PC and Xbox 360 to Universal Acclaim. Now this game is being brought to the Ps3 in October 2008. Now I’m going to let this out right here and now. I’ve already played Bioshock on my PC so my experience from this game has been very PC orientated.


The demo takes place from the beginning of the game. You are a passenger on a plane talking to yourself on how you parents said that you would be special. From this point on the screen fades to black and you can hear screams of the passengers on board and hear the plane crash to the ocean. You find yourself in the ocean with plane wreckage around you and find your way into rapture. At this point you meet a man named Atlus via radio and he helps you from hear on out.

Bioshock is a first person shooter that takes place in the underwater city of Rapture. Rapture was home to brilliant scientists who eventually create a way of giving human powers. These powers are called plasmids, which rewrite your DNA to give you abilities like shooting electricity, creating fire, telekinesis etc. The demo sports three weapons and 2 plasmids. It is a nice taste for the rest of the game and I’ll try my best not to talk about the game outside the demo. The game will sport unique opportunities with your plasmids, namely electricity in the demo. Shooting it into an enemy standing in water will instantly kill them, while stunning then hitting a foe will also yield extra damage. The plasmid and weapon system gives the game a unique focus during combat as relying on only one of these will help you little as bosses, and especially big daddies cannot be defeated with only plasmids, or only weapons.

I rarely talk about controls nowadays but the controls in Bioshock strike me, as, well odd. To fire a weapon you use the R2 and to fire a plasmid you use L2, cycling through weapons is done with the R1 and plasmids the L1. This seems odd to me as I’m more inclinded to press R1 and L1 to fire than the back buttons and on more than one occasion in the demo i found myself cycling through weapons instead of firing. I’m hoping there is a custom controls option in the retail version of the game as it will take some getting used to for the controls. Oh and jump is the triangle button, really the triangle button?

Bioshock is a unique peices among the Ut3 engine powered games. Unlike games like Gears of War 1&2, UT3 and Fracture, characters aren’t wearing a now cliched armor at all times. Rather enemies wear normal clothes which sets Bioshock apart from the crowd. Rapture looks great, if not identical to my PC version. The audio is still superb with great voice acting, sound effects and music.

The Ps3 version of the Bioshock demo is identical to my PC experience a year ago, granted without the annoyance of downloading the demo when it first came out. If you haven’t played Bioshock before, and even if you have I recommend the ps3 version, granted you can change the control scheme :P.

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