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Pixeljunk Eden Review

September 30, 2008

PixelJunk Eden is a game from the studio that brought you Pixeljunk Monsters, a tower defense game, last year. It is available as a download only, exclusively on the PSN.


Another game with not much story to worry about. Basically, you’re a Grimp and you need to collect pollen to open up seeds. As you open up seeds, you can progress through each of the 10 levels to gain Spectra. There are 5 Spectra to be found in each level.


Pixeljunk Eden has to be one of the strangest, but somehow unexplainably addicting games I have ever played. The controls are very simple and straightforward. You can jump, or if you lightly tap the jump button, you will throw out your silk, which allows you to swing. That’s really about it. You can influence the direction you go in mid-air which allows you to fine-tune some jumps but that’s about it.

The way you progress is to open up seeds. The way in which you do this is by making contact with Pollen Prowlers which when contacted, break up into pollen which will then pollenate the seeds. Once the seeds collect enough pollen, they bloom into vines/flowers/etc for your grimp to attach to.

As you progress you’ll encounter Spectra. The setup is that the first time you enter a level, you need to find 1 Spectra. The second time you need 2, then 3, all the way up until the last time which you’ll need 5 of the 5 Spectra to complete the level. This gets just a tad repetitive, but allows you to gradually learn the level which is a HUGE plus as some of the levels become massive.

You don’t die in Eden, however, you do have an oscillator bar in the bottom left of the screen which acts as a timer. You can collect crystals throughout the levels to replenish the oscillator, and collecting Spectra greatly refills it. If your oscillator runs out though, you’ll be tossed out of the garden and have to replay it.

While the first few gardens are very similar, just wait until you get to around Garden 5. From there, everything starts to change pretty dramatically. Each of the gardens feature something very unique that is well worth checking out.

Graphics and Audio

The visual style of Eden is unlike anything out there. It is very vibrant looking and can be very colorful at times. Most levels have very simple color schemes but they stand out and again, are hard to describe.

The graphics themselves are also hard to describe. The levels look great but there’s nothing special as far as details go. There are simple structures in the game and fairly simple graphics. With that said, they are definitely polished and look great for what they are.

The audio features an excellent techno background music that really fits the game greatly. I personally loved the soundtrack as it was very catchy and helped create an upbeat theme to the game. There aren’t many sound effects but the ones that are there are well executed.

Extras and Online

The game features online leaderboards which tracks your clear times and scores in each of the gardens. This is nice to see how you stack up against other players.

Also, this was one of the first games to support trophies from launch. The trophies are pretty well balanced in this game with some being fairly easy to get with others being extremely difficult.

Eden also features YouTube support, allowing you to post gameplay videos of your feats online.


Eden was one of the most unique games I have ever played. Everything about the game is great from the visual style, to the presentation, to the music, to the gameplay. This is just another reason why the PSN is gaining so much momentum. It is featuring quality title after quality title.

I’m not sure Eden is for everyone but I found it to be extremely enjoyable. I find myself picking it up when I can’t quite figure out what to play. Surprisingly, the game is pretty deep, meaning you will be clocking in a lot of gameplay hours to complete the game.It is very easy for me to recommend Pixeljunk Eden to you as it is well worth checking out and is easily a great value.



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