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Wipeout HD Review

September 29, 2008


Wipeout can easily be summed up as a futuristic racer. It’s one of those few racing games where non-racing fans actually enjoy the game because it features high-speed races, weapons, and incredible race tracks.

The game runs in a fluid 60fps at 1080p, which easily shows from the moment you start the game up. The attention to detail is apparent in everything from the ship design to the breath-taking race tracks.

There are multiple game modes ranging from time trials, to 8 player races, to Zone modes. There are 8 different Campaign mode “levels” to complete, with each level requiring that you earn enough points in the previous one to unlock the next. Points are earned by medaling in races.

You have ship health which is depleted by hitting the walls or by being hit by enemy weapons. Once you pick up weapons you can choose to fire/deploy them or to press circle to absorb them as ship health. This creates a nice balance in the game and allows you to add some strategy in your races.


The online mode in Wipeout is extremely fun. Just this weekend I played two 12-Race Tournaments with some friends and it was quite simply a blast. Online you can choose to race in single-races or to join a 12-race tournament.

Adding to the online aspect is the inclusion of online leaderboards. After every race you can press the Square button to see how your lap/course time stacks up to other gamers online. This is a great incentive to make you try to improve your times.

Trophies were also included at launch for this title. They are extremely well balanced and very fun to go after. I think everyone’s personal favorite is going to be “Beat Zico” which is the best lap time the developer set for Anulpha Pass of 30.82 seconds. The internet forums are aflame with people posting tips and working together to figure out how to do it. THIS is a perfect example of a great trophy idea; making the community work together to figure it out.


I’m with Julain here. Superb, Superb, Superb!!! This is easily one of the best looking/sounding PS3 titles out to date. The environments and race tracks are simply incredible looking with great design ideas. The ships have multiple skins you can unlock and are also quite detailed. There are also a couple of unlockable HUD styles that are neat to check out also.

The music is your standard techno style race music and fits perfectly. The sound effects are extremely well-done and there are great instances that you hear this. One being when your ship’s health reaches a critical level, the music virtually drops out and becomes very muted. It’s just a neat effect and showcases how great and detailed the overall sound is.


Wipeout HD is a PSN title which is well-worth the $19.99 price tag. The game clocks in at just under 1gb and it’s worth every penny. This is one of the first games I’ve played in a long while where I’ve found it very hard to put the controller down. This game should provide you with plenty of game time and replayability. So, if you’re reading this and you don’t have Wipeout yet, I strongly suggest you go download it.



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