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Pain Review

September 29, 2008

Pain is a download-only title available exclusively on the PSN. The game was released in 2007


You’re a guy in a sling-shot contraption and you launch your character into as many objects as possible to cause as much damage and “pain” as you can. Pretty straightforward.


The gameplay in Pain is fairly simple. You can aim the slingshot contraption and you can change the amount of force you want to launch by pulling the slingshot back further. The main setting takes place in a downtown city area. The goal of the game is to launch into items throughout the city and continue to chain together multiple hits by knocking your character into more and more objects.

You are able to grab onto objects in the game and hold onto them. You can use this ability to grab onto explosive crates and throw them, grab a giant bowling ball from a rooftop and roll down to the street with it, or my personal favorite, grab an old lady and drag her down into the subway onto the tracks to get hit by a train.

In addition you can gain what is called “Ooch” in the game by hitting objects and shaking your controller. This allows you to throw yourself in a direction while in the air or on the ground. This only allows you to slightly move though so you’ll need to plan out how you’re going to set up your launch.

There are mutliple game modes with the most prevalent being the main downtown area described above. In this mode you simply just keep launching over and over, trying to rack up the highest point total you can and chaining together as many hits as you can.

There is a bowling mode where you launch your character into bowling pins. There is also a mode where you launch at a mime, grab him, and throw him through as many panes of glass as you can.


Pain was recently updated with a patch that includes trophies. There are plenty of downloadable extras in the games such as new game modes and new characters. However, I feel Pain takes a very cheap route in the execution of the above. I’ve never been a fan of charging for new characters, especially ones that add nothing to the gameplay. Pain currently charges $0.99 for each new character which I think is a waste.

The second cheap route is with their trophies. A majority of the trophies require you to buy either the add-on game mode or add-on characters. Sorry, but to me that’s a cheap marketing ploy to get people to buy the add-ons.

There is no online aspect to Pain but there is 2-Player Multiplayer if you have someone in your living room to join you.

On another note, the trophies in this game are ridiculously hard to achieve. This comes after Pain retooled the trophies after complaints that they were even harder beforehand. I don’t see many people putting in the effort or time to go after these ones.


The graphics in Pain are nothing to rave about. They’re not bad but they’re nothing special either. They’re just alright. There isn’t much audio aside from sound effects and just a few repeated one-liners your character will shout in the air. These become very annoying very quickly.


Pain is a game that you can only pick up in small doses. The game doesn’t have very much depth and the controls are a bit clunky. The game is extremely difficult to chain combos together and the tutorials do not do a very good job of helping you out with this aspect. Even with the addition of trophies, they are simply too tough and time consuming to bother with going after them, further decreasing the replay value of the game.

The game does have it’s fun points if you CAN successfully get some combos going and as mentioned above, it was pretty fun dragging an old woman down subway stairs and onto the tracks to be run over. Otherwise though, Pain isn’t quite worth it’s $9.99 asking price. It’s not bad to check out for a bit but it gets old pretty quickly and doesn’t offer much for you to come back to it.



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