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Mega Man 9 Review

September 29, 2008

Let me begin by saying that I grew up with the Mega Man series on the NES. Mega Man to this day is one of my favorite video game characters and both Mega Man 2 and 3 would end up on a Top 10 video game list if I were to make one. With that said: On to the review.

The 9th entry in the core Mega Man series, Mega Man 9 takes everything you loved from the old NES versions and does nothing to change the working formula. This includes 8-Bit graphics, classic Midi Sounds, frustratingly challenging difficulty, and even disappearing blocks.


Your typical “Beat the 8 Master Level Bosses because they’re running amok around town” scenario. Proceed to fight your way to Dr. Wily and save the day.

If you’ve never played a Mega Man game before, the premise of the game is that there’s 8 bosses to take out but each one has a weakness to another one’s weapon. That’s where the fun and strategy comes into play.


You’ve got two buttons you need to worry about: Jump and Shoot. That’s it. It’s simply a 2D platformer where you the screen mostly scrolls left to right but changes in that it will actually go from top to bottom in some areas. The Charged Mega Buster has been omitted from the game, as has the slide ability. This is neither good nor bad. This means that the game is more closely related to Mega Man 2 than any of the others.

The controls work fluidly and it’s easy to time the jumps you’ll need to make. There’s no delay in the button presses like there was in the Anniversary Collection for the PS2/Xbox/GC, so this makes things much easier. That’s not to say the game is at all easy however. In fact it is extremely difficult, just like the old NES games. Now might be the time to invest in a rubber controller protector for when you throw it across the room.

Graphics and Audio

Well, for better or worse, this game looks JUST like any of the Mega Man games on the original NES. This is what the developers were going for and I personally love it. Even better, the developers added the option to turn glitches/slowdowns on or off. If you ever played the old Mega Man games, if too many enemies were on screen at once, the game would slow down (think bullet time), to process all of the information. It was pretty cool having that happen on a system that could clearly run the game with no problem. Even the menu systems are set up the same.

The audio features classic, catchy Midi music just like the originals. The sound effects and menu sounds sound just like the originals and sound great.

Extras and Online

Mega Man 9 for the PS3 does feature some in-game achievements to earn. However, there is no trophy support at this time. This could get patched in later as Bionic Commando, from Capcom also, is supposed to be getting patched soon.

As far as online goes, there are online leaderboards which add some replay to the game and give you bragging rights. This was a nice inclusion to keep the game fresh.


Mega Man 9 is just as good as the Mega Man’s in the past. Everything the diehard fan wanted to see has been included, even Rush. This is clearly a game made for the old-school Mega Man fan. With that said, I’m not sure any gamer that didn’t grow up with this franchise would find the game terribly enjoyable. Most of this is due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult and looks like a 20 year old game. This is perfectly fine with me however and have to say I was extremely impressed with this game. To me, this game is a must-buy and if you are a Mega Man fan I strongly recommend this game to you.



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