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Mario Strikers Charged Review

September 22, 2008

Another Mario sports game? Yeah, but this one is set apart by one obvious thing…it’s style. Now, as tired as everyone gets of Mario sports games, they’re always fun in one way or another. This one is no exception. It’s also well known as being one of the first games on Wii to support online play.


Every Mario sports title is usually easy to learn and get into, but hard to master. This one’s a little harder to learn, and even harder to master. There’s basic controls like passing with A, shooting with B, and slide tackling by shaking the Wiimote. There’s also what the goalie does when a Mega Strike is shot at the goal. It’ll go to a screen where the goalie controls hands with the IR pointer and has to click a few soccer balls as they quickly come onto the screen to stop them. I think everyone knows how to play soccer, so there won’t be any need to go into that.

It takes awhile to really get into the groove of playing the Mario version of soccer, but it’s really cool once you do. You’ll chose a captain, who’ll be one of the main characters in the Mario universe, and then you’ll chose your team based on the common characters like Toads and Koopas. From there you have many different game options like tornaments and free play to training for those overwhealmed by the difficulty.


This isn’t your typically Mario game visually. The colors in the game in general are a lot darker than you’re used to in Mario games. The fields are usually very dirty and grimey and the characters wear soccer clothes that just seem more mature than you’re used to seeing on them. Where Peach normally has her bright pink dress, this time she’s still in pink, only not as bright, and instead of a dress she’s wearing short shorts and a rather tight shirt on.


Sound in this game is no different from it’s visuals. It’s very not like any Mario game before it. There’s pretty serious music in here, and there’s individual themes for each characters. Some are really standoutish, like Luigi’s Latino music, Diddy’s Middle Eastern music, and Waluigi’s country/bluegrass theme. Sound is in the same style as the music, wild and over the top.


Here you have game with great style, music and visuals, multiplayer, challenge, and online play. Online isn’t perfect, there’s occasional lag, but as long as you get a 4 star rating on the connection of the other person, you should be more than good to go. It’s a nice addition to have, being able to play against other humans instead of the very difficult computer all the time. There’s also a daily leaderboard based on points you get from how many matches you play and how many you win. All in all, you have here a great game, and even though it’s sold a lot (close to 2 million at this point I think), nobody’s really talking about it much. The key is that dispite minor flaws like the computer difficulty and not the simplest experience like in most Mario games, it’s still a blast once you get into it.



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