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Crosswords DS Review

September 20, 2008

“This game is just crosswords! Why does it need to be reviewed!?” The answer to this question is a simple one. I guess the game doesn’t need to be reviewed as much as it needs to be highlighted for what a great package it is. What you have here is a great value and a really fun, simple game.


Do you know how to do crossword puzzles? If you do, you already know how to play this game. The simplicity of the game makes it so that there’s no way in hell that it could ever have any problem running at all. To enter letter, you simply write them in the box on the touch screen and the game recognizes which letter you wrote in. It actually does an amazing job. You can write big or small, write sloppy or neat, it knows what you want to write. Obviously though you can’t just scribble nothing and expect the game to read your mind. It’s also noteworthy that the game plays in book form on the DS, which for those of you who don’t know, means that you hold the system sideways so the top screen is on the left and the touch screen is on the right. It’s just a nice relaxing experience of solving some crosswords and chilling out.

Sound and Visuals

There’s nothing here that’s going to melt your face sound wise or graphics wise. The sound are just simple little things like the sound of scribbling when you right and little jingles when you get a letter or a word complete. There’s also a little thing they play when you’ve completed half the puzzle. Visually, everything is very clean, clear, and simple. It’s a very relaxing experience both visually and sound wise.


It’s definitely worth noting that you’ll be playing $20 for this game. Considering you get over 1000 puzzles and in addition to that you have the word searches and anagrams to play when you’re done (or when you need a break from crosswords), the game is really a steal at that price point. This game will last you a long time as well. I got the game back in early May when it came out and now it’s late September and I still haven’t completed every puzzle (but obviously enough to review the game for you, let’s not get all up in arms yet…). That little DS cart will have you going for a long while.This is the game you’ll keep in your DS often because it’s such a fantastic pick up and play game. You do a puzzle then take a break, do a couple more and that’s it.


It’s hard to give a game like this a grade, but I feel compelled to. You have a game at a impulse buy price point, a lineup of puzzles that will last you forever, and just a great time that’s relaxing and entertaining. I’ve found myself even having my DS in public playing this game while a bunch of us are hanging out. It’s nice because it doesn’t require 100% attention at all times (unless you’re going for finishing puzzles in record time) so it’s not a bad thing to play around others. There’ll also be times where you’ll get stuck and ask “What’s a four letter for so-and-so?” and people will start getting involved to help. For what it is and what it tries to do, the game is fantastic and works fantastic as a DS game. So for what it is I have to give it the appropriate score.



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