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Socom: US NAVY SEALs Confrontation Initial Beta Impressions

September 19, 2008

Socom has been a staple in the online gaming scence since the original debuted in 2002. Slant Six has taken the mantle from zipper and are creating the Socom online experience for the Ps3 in the form of Confrontation.


US NAVY SEALs Vs Terrorists, that’s it.


Issues aside the gameplay is very fun and extremely well done. The game is a tactical third person shooter so a lot of the game is talking to your teamates making a strategy. Once in the action the game can be fast and intense and it doesn’t take much to kill you. The controls, are a bit unconventional compared to other games released recently and if you are completely new to the series you might be completely lost outside of the move, aim and shoot buttons. There is only one map available in the beta but it works well and makes it easier to memorize the layout. This one map has a lot of areas for any type of gameplay, whether you like to snipe, ambush or run and gun.

As I said earlier the game is more about strategy than just pure run and gun. This means if you run in the open, your going to get killed faster than if you threw a grenade at your own feet. The game really has you thinking about where you should move, how you should, where the closest cover is, where’s a good ambush point. Believe me ambushes are a key to winning certain matches as it allows you to catch an enemy off guard. It also gives you great cover if a buddy of his tries to kill you. Controlling key ambush areas gives you and your team the advantage as they have to wait for you to come out, not the other way around.

There are a variety of real world weapons & upgrades such as the Ak-47, HK-36, Desert Eagle and more. Body armor is also represented and the more armor you have, the slower you move so it helps to balances the game. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages but no single weapon can give you the advantage over another player, or another team.

Online System

The core gameplay is rock solid but the online menu system needs some work. In order to get into a game during the beta, you need to, go into the briefing room, select custom game, select a channel, then select a game, and then you get in. It is a little, much but it may change when the Quick Game is available in the final version. The rest of the system has lagg in the menus when selecting new weapons/armor/what have you and really makes customizing your character longer than it should.


The graphics are a mix bag with the environments looking great while leaving the character models looking as if they are texture popping. The character models could use some more detail as the equipment can look blurry and, as I said, resembles a game that is texture popping. The sound effects are well done as is the music, that is if there aren’t any issues that arise.


See the issues Here and Here.


At it’s core Socom Confrontation is a great online game, based on the early beta, it has some serious server side issues to take care of, but the October release date is still far off so lets hope it gets fixed.

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