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Life with Playstation Unofficial Impressions

September 18, 2008

So Life with Playstation is basically an update to Folding @ Home minus the view to see how your contributing to science. I don’t believe it is a big enough upgrade to warrant its own Impressions post but its enough that I’ll describe many of the new features and how they work.

Instead of just viewing the world with lots of little dots, Life now shows specific cities with their temperature and news. In a ll nifty move you can change whether you see temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, making it so no matter what system you use your covered. In another nifty move it seems that Life with playstation will start at the nearest city to you. Other changes have to do with the Earth itself, it is more detailed than it was before and it accurately shows which half of the earth is dark and which is lit, which is a brilliant move. Now lets say you want to check the news on Kuwait City, which while writing this post is at 108 degrees. You can see 4 news stories while roaming over the city/any city and by selecting the city, you have the access of reading the articles, or selecting “More News” to find a google search page. That reminds me this is all powered by google.

The service is pretty nifty and definitely a step up over Folding, however there are a few little problems i could pick on. Namely that the camera moves from city to city when your not moving the camera, even if you have a city selected. This means if you select lets say Sydney, then go to the bathroom, you’ll be across the world by the time you get back. It can be a tad annoying but like I said it is a minor problem

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