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PS3 – PS2 Backwards Compatibility Issue & Fix

September 17, 2008

Just yesterday I popped in my Mega Man Anniversary Collection PS2 game into my PS3 as I was itching to play some Mega Man 2. Well, I start with the Bubble Man stage and to my surprise I completely miss the first jump on to the platform. I then retry and make it to the platform but don’t jump in time to make it to the next platform before the one I’m on falls. Thinking I’m really rusty, I try again…and again….and some more. Finally I give up. I notice online that others have had the same problem and today I found the fix and am here to share with you what I did.

When you turn the game on, press the PS Button to access the settings menu. You need to find the option ‘Smoothing’ and you need to turn it OFF. After I turned off smoothing I was back to jumping between platforms and pits with no problems.

Hope this helps all of you out and I’m sure this applies to other backwards-compatible games also.

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