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Warhawk: Tip #10 – Master the Lightning Gun

September 15, 2008

When I first used this weapon I absolutely hated it. Now that I understand it, I like it much more and actually use it now. It took trying for the bandit Lightning Gun badge for me to actually appreciate what the Lightning Gun can do for you and your team. So below are some pointers at mastering the uses of the Lightning Gun.

Lightning Gun Basics
The lightning gun has two different modes. It comes in a 10-Shot pickup in which the shots can be fired individually or can be charged up and fired all at once (wait for the circle ring on screen to fill all the way around). The mode you’ll want to use really depends on your plan of attack. The single shots are great for taking out a single target whereas the charged attack is great for multiple enemies or for eliminating mines from an area (see below for more on this).

Lightning Gun Uses/Tactics
The lightning gun as a weapon is most effective against enemy vehicles. It is great for taking out jeeps, tanks, and Warhawks. It also works fairly well on Turrets and APC’s but typically requires more firepower to finish them off, leaving you very exposed to get shot down.

The other uses of the lightning gun when not used as a weapon is primarily for mine-sweeping. If you charge up the lightning gun to the max and shoot it around a flag or a zone in CTF (where most enemies place mines), you’ll wipe out all of the mines in the area, leaving a clear path for you to grab the flag or take over the zone. Even better, if an enemy is standing near one of the mines, you can end up taking him out with the explosion.

The charged lightning gun will also break through an APC shield (trophy for this), allowing you to do some damage to the APC.

General Lightning Gun Tips
-While flying, charge up the lightning gun so that it is ready when you see a target you want to hit, as it takes about 4-5 seconds to fully charge. This way it’s ready right when you need it. If it’s charged and you get attacked by a Warhawk, simply hit right on the d-pad to switch to chaff if needed.

-The bridges in any level are usually flooded with troops and vehicles. This is a great place to use the lightning gun for some vehicle kills.

-Remember if you’re flying for a flag or a zone, spend the time to charge the lightning gun and clear the area of mines. It will save you a lot of mine deaths.

-Use single shots on lone-vehicles and turrets, use charged shots on weakened enemies or for mine clearing. A charged shot on a tank or turret still gives the enemy time to exit the vehicle, robbing you of a kill.

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