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Socom: Confrontation Beta Problems Part II

September 14, 2008

This is my (Dave’s) take on the beta.

Like Julian, I have experienced many problems with the beta, the most nagging being it is near impossible to join a match. And if you actually CAN join a match, it averages about 3-5 minutes to connect to it. The worst part? If it is not going to connect, you still wait about 5-7 minutes for a message to finally appear saying “Unable to Connect”. What does this all mean? It means that I have literally spent more time trying to get into matches than I have playing the beta. And being that I haven’t played a Socom game in about 6 years, when I finally DO get into a match, I’m dead within a minute, sitting out the rest of the round.

Slant 6 IS aware of the issues and is supposed to be working on a second patch to fix things. Hopefully this is released soon so that I can actually play the beta. Below are a few other things, good and bad, that I’ve found with the very limited time I’ve had with the beta. We’ll update you further when we get more play time.

-Great Team Play
-Players Actually Use Their Headsets
-Expansive Maps
-Stat Tracking
-Clan & Community Focus

-Terrible Connection Issues
-Lag in almost all Servers
-Graphics are Very Subpar (most notably a lack of detail in just about everything from characters to environments)
-Default Controls are a Bit Odd With No Grenade Button, Triangle is Used to Crouch but is Very Unresponsive

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