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Socom: Confrontation Beta Problems

September 13, 2008

There are so many problems I have to make this list for the would be beta tester

  • The sound will randomly turn off for games making so that it is impossible to hear anything, except on occassion headset chat
  • Extremely difficult to get into games because for one reason or another unless a game is already in progress a game won’t start even if everyone is “ready”
  • When getting into a game, which will almost always be late it takes AWHILE to get in, a few minutes even
  • When exiting a match the game will go into a infinite loading time, I ended up waiting 10 minutes, going for lunch, coming back and it was still loading out of the game.
  • There is extreme lagg at some point in most matches making it almost impossible to play
  • Quitting the game by holding down the PS button and quit game will restart your ps3 instead of quitting the game.
  • Dying will sometimes freeze the Ps3
  • Lagg during menu screens when editing characters makes changing weapons or editing weapons a choir.

That is all the problems I’ve encountered so far with the Beta, and that is why i can’t do a Final impressions post until the beta is finished

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