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NovaStrike Review

September 12, 2008

NovaStrike is a PSN game that was released back in June to lackluster reviews. It has recently been patched to address the issues that many people had with the game.


The story of the game is focused around a War between the humans and the Draelus. The story unfolds in text screens prior to each mission. The story doesn’t affect the game too much and is really a null point.


NovaStrike is a top down shooter in the basic style of Super Stardust HD. However unlike that game which has pretty much perfect controls for what you are doing, NovaStrike suffers in this department. The new control scheme has you firing in the direction the ship is facing with a only a few weapons that can fire in any direction. The main problem is that the weapons by themselves aren’t that effective so you’ll send up using more than one weapon at once, which involves holding down both the R2 and L2 buttons while maneuvering with the left stick and shooting a third weapon with the right stick.

As you can tell it can get really complicated and more than that it hurts hands! It was the first game in a long time that made some of my fingers hurt from holding down the buttons for so long. The game sports a weapon upgrade system that, like Stardust again, increases with the pick up of the same weapon. Unlike Stardust though it takes many pick ups before the weapon will upgrade and then the upgrade doesn’t affect gameplay too much because you won’t be able to tell that it was upgraded in the first place.
My main grip with the gameplay is that you CAN’T stand still. It can be frustrating when your trying to attack an enemy base and your ship is too busy flying that you can’t get decent hits with a bomb that’s perfect for destroying the base. Another thing wrong with the game is that, it is simply, boring. That’s right boring. The music is horrible and almost inaudible through the sound effects of the game and even my favorite songs playing in the background(It supports XMB Music) can’t make it more fun.

The graphics aren’t bad in Novastrike but there are some inexcusable slow downs when there are big explosions on screen that, at this point shouldn’t be there. As i said earlier the music is pretty much a mute point since you’ll only really hear it during the menu screen.


Novastrike isn’t necessarily a bad game. However its control issues, and “eh” gameplay makes this a complete pass. I am aware I left things out like the difficulty settings and what not but really it wasn’t necessary for the review. The only redeeming factor for me was that I got a few trophies out of it, but Trophy Hunters, look over this game.



Epic Fail

Epic Fail

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