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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Demo Impressions

September 12, 2008

Motorstorm is the sequel to one of the best selling Playstation 3 games. The game moves the environment from the desert to a tropical jungle with environments that include the classic dirt, to the new jungle and volcano settings.


It’s a racing game, enough said.

Motorstorm: PR is an off road racer and in that fashion it doesn’t show sleek racing machines, but rather more things like “racing trucks”, Monster Trucks and bikes to name a few. Those three i mentioned almost happen to be the 3 classes available in the demo, there are a total of 8 in the final release. So each of the 3 classes i played with have different driving styles which I both like and dislike. The racing and monster trucks don’t exactly have the best steering and because of this, i pretty much hate racing with them. However the game uses the different classes strength and weaknesses for different terrain/different parts of the race. For example the trucks are better at the open environments than the smaller ones while the bikes can do both. However the weakness of the bikes is that they are easier knocked off the road of forced to crash by the bigger vehicles so they kind of need those small areas to evade the larger ones.
The demo features a single player race and a split screen 2 player race. The races work well with the single race holding 16 cars and the 2 player race holding 8. The track is short with only 2 laps but its fun with different twists and turns that take advantage of different vehicle’s advantages.

Superb on both fronts the game is gorgeous to look at whether your speeding through the course or admiring the mountains as you fall to your death. The soundtrack fits the off road racing style perfectly


I have a major gripe with the steering of some of the vehicles, however this was done on purpose to make the different classes, seem well different and those gripes are fixed with the bike class. The key to Motorstorm is finding a class you like and mastering it. I can’t say whether or not you’ll find it in the demo but if it is any indication, it will be a very fun game.

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