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Warhawk Tips: #8

September 8, 2008

Tip #8 – Turret Got You Down?

Have one of those rounds where you’re getting shot out of the sky left and right from a missile turret? We all have. How do you counter you ask? Read on.

Option 1 – Stealth + Cluster
Probably the best option to counter a missile turret is to play to it’s weakness. It can’t lock on to what it can’t see. So the best option I’ve found is to collect a stealth pickup and a cluster bomb pickup. Activate the stealth and then fly towards the turret. You’ll want to quickly stop and hover right above the turret and rain clusters down on him. If you drop the bomb just right you’ll annihilate the turret and problem solved.

Option 2 – Cover and Homing Missiles
Certain maps and only certain areas allow for this trick to work so be careful. A good example is the Battle for Eucadia full map. You can sneak behind the enemy base (great in a CTF match), hover behind the mountain range, and then while holding L1 to begin lock-on, hover up above the mountains, just high enough to get a lock on the turret. Release the missle and follow up by locking on with a couple swarms (or dumbfiring) and firing machine guns to finish the job. This is a bit riskier than Option 1 as you are putting yourself out in the open for a few seconds but it does work.

Option 3 – Binocular Strike
Binoculars work very effectively at taking out turrets. The downside is that some turrets (primarily the base turrets in Battle for Eucadia) are hidden behind mountain ranges which means you need to get into very good position to strike. However, if you can get into a decent position, binocular strikes will take a turret out in one shot, leaving the victim very little time to escape.

Option 4 – Charged Lightning Gun
Again, this one leaves you exposed so be careful but if you fully charge the lightning gun and score a direct hit on a turret, this coupled with some machine gun fire and/or dumbfired swarms can take out a turret. Usually the charged gun alone isn’t enough to take a turret out quickly enough, leaving the enemy time to escape.

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