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*The Last Guy Review

September 6, 2008

The Last Guy is the latest brainchild from Sony’s out of the box thinking Japan Studio(You know, they made Patapon, Locoroco etc etc). The Last Guy takes the “Snake” concept and makes a modern day version that really is incredible.


The Last Guy is a Zombie from the Himalayan mountains but who somehow still likes humans. Known simply as the Last Guy you help the URF(United Rescue Force) to save the last of humanity.


As i said earlier the Last Guy resembles the game Snake. To say its a Snake rip off goes way too far and the only similarity between the two is that you collect things or people and create a giant line behind you. Now that that little bit of information is out of the way lets talk about how the game plays. As I stated before it is your job to help the URF by finding a certain amount of people within a city. You do this by running around he city, finding the people and bringing them to an escape zone. It sounds simple doesn’t? Well it can be very very complicated. The majority of the levels can be completed without using advanced techniques and by pure luck. The trick of the game is to have the longest line possible when you enter the escape zone.

The game has a scoring system and online leaderboards, and to get to the top of the leaderboard/get a good score you need to rescue as many people as possible with the longest lines possible. You see bringing lets say 50 people in one line to the escape zone will not give you the points of bringing 100 people, and 100 people won’t give you the points of bringing 1000 people. With the length of the lines getting longer and longer it becomes harder to avoid zombies and thats why the longer lines are a better payoff, even if it is harder.
The last guy has a few abilities to aid him in his mission. He can sprint, whistle to call people in closer, and use a thermographic view that allows him to see people in abilties(While taking away his ability to see zombies). These abilities all work well and are pretty balanced. I forgot to mention with the lines that The Last Guy has Stamina, and the bigger your line the longer your stamina bar raises, which helps you run, and whistle longer. There are also anumber of power ups that restore stamnina, make you invisable, stop all zombies and return you to the escape zone.
Each stage has a different set up(Because they are all different real world cities(They used stattelite images for the levels)) and the set up/time/amount of people all create higher or lower difficulties for the levels. For example Stage 2-1, Yokohama Japan has you finding 800 people within 6 minutes, while Stage 1-1, San Francisco has you finding 1000 people in 4 minutes. Now Yokohama may sound easier but due to the set up of the city it is a lot more difficult than San Fran’s 1k in 4 minutes. Due to the difference between the various cities the game has a lot of variety and the different types of zombies also adds to this. The zombies will gradually grow in size, difficulty and weirdness. The beginning zombies are your standard fare, walk slow, groan, and if they see you they run after you. Then there are ones that when they roar, it completely destroys your line, or adds fog so you can’t see outside of your line, or ones that only attack if your directly in front of them.

Depending on how well you perform in the level (Your longest line clear, and amount of V.I.Ps found(V.I.P.s are random people that don’t really have much importance outside a few)) you will get a level of clearance. The first level is Normal, the Super then Hyper. You gain a star for each level of clearance and it doesn’t seem to affect too much of the game outside of making you feel good that you got a hyper clear.

Using satellite images the game doesn’t push the boundaries of graphics technology but for what it is it looks crisp and sharp and no errors to complain about. The soundtrack/random voice overs are extremely well done from the screams of the people, to the opening “The….Last……Guy….”.


The Last Guy is another interesting experiment by Sony’s Japan studio that has paid off. The game is a unique take on an old gameplay premise and really shows what you can do with a little imagination. Later on in the game the game requires more thinking and has you using advance techniques in order to complete the levels. Overall its a fun, challenging gem and a welcome addition to the PSN.



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