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Super Smash Bros Brawl Review

September 3, 2008

There once was a little game called Super Smash Brothers. It was a Japan only release with a small budget. Nintendo didn’t think this experimental idea would be too successful but a million copies later, it was brought over to the US. I think you know the rest. The third entry in the series, Brawl, was one of the most anticipated games for Wii along with Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. Is the third time a charm?


If you’ve played Melee, you already know how to play Brawl. Sure, there are slight differences this time around (you’d hope so, or why else would you buy a new game?) and it’s for the better. The game has a different feel and overall is slightly slower. This is made up by the fact that you can pick up or catch items while moving. So where in Melee you always had to stop and stand still to get an item, this time there’s no stopping, so in a way, it feels faster than Melee. Characters are all unique, even the clones have enough variation from who they came from to merit being their own character. Overall things are fast and exciting and it’s a blast to practice alone or play with as many as three other friends. Specifically, Subspace Emissary is a great addition, though not a megaton. It gets very repetative after but it’s totally worth grinding through if only for a good way to unlock characters and the fantastic CG cutscenes. There’s also online mode. There are lag issues here and there because of it being a fighting game and all the craziness that goes on with four players and tons of crazy items. Usually if you turn items off and/or play only one on one, it works A LOT better. Either way, decent online is much better than no online at all, right?


With tons of different Nintendo (and Metal Gear, and Sonic) games represented there is tons of visual variety here. Probably more than any other game out there. You have the bright sunny Delfino Plaza to the complete opposite with Shadow Moses Island’s dark and moody atmosphere. Character models are fantastic and some of the art for the characters are better than how they look in their respectful games.


In Melee, we were treated with tons of fantastic arrangements, some fully orchestral, of our favorite Nintendo tunes. They had to top themselves somehow, and boy did they. With over 300 tracks from All sorts of Nintendo, Sonic, and Metal Gear games, SSBB is one of the greatest musical tributes to gaming. There’s music ripped straight from games, new arrangements created by famous game composers, and more. There’s famous tunes that we all know like the main Zelda theme to lesser known, but very popular pieces that only hardcore Nintendo fans know and love. Every track is golden, and as you play through the game there’ll be everything from a smile on your face when you hear a recognizable theme to the thought of “Oooo, I love that one!” when you hear a tune you haven’t heard in awhile. Of course this music would be nothing without the sounds of character voices, sword swipes, punches, and lazers which are all on the money.


So let’s see, you’re getting some of the best visuals on Wii, one of the best gaming soundtracks to date, a long single player mode in the Subspace Emissary including fantastic cutscenes, and one of the best multiplayer modes there are. The package is stuffed with all this and some serious Nintendo love. You will also be paying $10 less for all of this than all ps3/360 games. Great value? You’d be making an understatement.


Super Smash Bros Brawl is a Nintendo fan’s dream come true, plain and simple. It’s everything you’d want from a Smash Bros sequel and it delivers on all accounts. This is the game you put on at parties and just go and play all night with your friends. There’s not much more to say besides if you own a Wii, it’s a must buy and a cornerstone of the Wii library along with Galaxy and Metroid. Support greatness and buy this game if you don’t already have it!



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