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Warhawk Tips: #7

September 2, 2008

Tip #7 – Ground Combat Pt. 1

You know what I love most about Warhawk? No matter what your playing style, there’s always something to do. Not only that, but if a particular round isn’t going your way (ex. you keep getting shot out of the sky), there’s almost always a way to adjust your playing style to excel elsewhere. So below are some pointers for ground combat to refine your skills.

1) Keep Moving – One of the easiest things you can do to avoid kills is simply move. If you’re not moving, you’re a sitting duck for snipers or an enemy creeping up behind you with a knife. However, while moving, it helps to equip the knife so that you don’t show up as a big dot on the radar. If you’re capturing a node/zone, run circles around it. If you’re on foot, run zig-zag patterns to throw off the enemies’ aim.

2) Become a Weapons Collector – It took me forever to stop being lazy about this, but you really do need to pick up as many weapons as you see. I can’t count how many times I got into a one-on-one battle and said “if I only picked up that rocket launcher earlier”.

3) Plant Mines – This goes back to my earlier post about free kills. Pick up land mines, place them in heavy traffic locations, or near the game mode objective like near the flag in CTF or near the nodes in Zones. This will both stifle the enemies’ efforts and net you free kills.

4) Pick Your Battles Wisely – Don’t pick a fight with a tank upon respawning with your Pistol and 2 Grenades. You won’t win. Instead, run, hide, find a rocket launcher/flamethrower/mines and THEN go after the tank. Same thing goes for other battles. Don’t try to take out a Warhawk with a Rifle. You’re going to lose.

5) Suprise is Key – Did you know the ammo in a 4X4 machinegun can take out a tank without reloading? If you can sneak up on a tank in a 4×4 with his cannon aimed away from you, you can easily take out the tank before he can get 2 shots off to blow you up (assuming he hits with both shots he fires). The element of surprise can mean the difference between life and death so also stay off the radar by either equipping the knife or by crouching.

6) Pesky Sniper or Binocular Camper Got You Down? Snipe Him Back! – There’s been many rounds I’ve played where one member on the opposing team is racking up sniper and binocular kills and no one threatens to take him out. It is CRUCIAL to take this guy out or he’s going to wreak havoc the rest of the round. They’re easy to find too as the sniper rifle leaves a bullet trail and the binoculars leave a green line trail to where the enemy is. So what you do at this point is grab a sniper rifle or binoculars and with the cursor, pan to where the enemy is approximately. The dot will turn red if you’ve located him and NOW you can zoom in to where he is. Keep moving while you do this so that you’re not a sitting duck for the enemy to snipe you yet again. Once you’ve lined him up in your sights, pull the trigger. Now you’ll want to move your position (as he’ll know where you are), and zoom back to the same spot because 9/10 times, this guy is going to go to the same exact sniping spot to try to get you and your teammates some more. But guess what? You’ve moved and you’ve got him in your sights again. Take him out 3 or 4 times and he’ll stop camping and your team will rest easier at night.

7) Missle Turrets are Your Friend – Does the opposing team own the skies? If so, your primary defense should be to locate a missle turret and start taking out Warhawks. The missle turrets are great b/c the missle lock is hard to break and you should be taking down planes all day. However, after a few kills in one, the enemy typically gets smart and you become tow missle/lightning gun/binocular strike fodder. So what you’ll want to do is switch turrets every so often or just flat out leave a turret for a while until the enemy forgets about you. THEN, you go back to clearing the skies.

8) Become a Wrench Ninja – A wrench can really make a difference between who wins a tank vs tank battle. If you have a wrench and are in a fight with a tank or jeep, after being hit, hop out while your tank reloads, then wrench your tank to repair it, then fire off another shot. Rinse and repeat. If the enemy doesn’t have a wrench you’ll take him out no problem.

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  1. deadpool7 permalink
    September 3, 2008 2:33 pm

    Lol. Remember I said you can’t take out a Warhawk with a rifle? I was WRONG! I actually did it in Archipelago last night. I was under the bridge where the binoculars are and a Warhawk thought I was easy pickins. Well he must have had horrible aim b/c miraculously, I took him out with ONLY a standard rifle. No grenades. Just a rifle.

    That had to have been a sad day in his life when he saw when deadpool7 killed him with the rifle.

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